SP-175: Concrete and Blast Effects

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Editor: William Bounds


The 15 papers in this Symposium Publication describe a range of applications for this seemingly narrow area of structural engineering: design to resist or discourage terrorism against civilian and governmental buildings, design to eliminate or minimize destruction from industrial accidents, and design to protect military facilities. To assist the reader in focusing on a particular level of interest, the papers have been grouped into three sections. Section One, Design Aspects, relates directly to the design process. Section Two, Current Procedures and Recent Developments, provides an overall viewpoint. Section Three, Theoretical Developments, focuses on research issues.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1998

Pages: 294

ISBN: 9780870316746

Categories: Blast Resistance

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


-Approach for Designing Civilian Structures Against Terrorist

Attack by E. Hinman

-Industrial Blast-Resistant Facilities: An Engineer's/Contractor's

Viewpoint by W. Bounds, M. Nene and H. Ko

-Impulsive Loading Analysis and Design Procedures for Nuclear

Power Plant Facilities by R. Rabizadeh and B. Galunic

-Protecting Petroleum Process Plant Buildings From Vapor

Cloud Explosions by D. Forbes

-Blast Resistant Shells - The Final Option by D. Barker


-Nature of Airblast Loads and Effects of a Process Cell

Due to a vapor Cloud Explosion by A. Longinow, A. Wiedermann

and F. Calabrese

-Use and Misuse of Structural Damping in Blast Response

Calculations by S. Kiger and H. Salim

-Development of Design Criteria for Reinforcing Steel Splices

in Blast-Resistant Concrete Structures by W. Zehrt and P. LaHoud

-Shock Absorbing Structural Elements by L. Malvar, K. Hager

and J. Tancreto


-Effect of Loading Rate on Bond Behavior Under Dynamic

Loading by C. Yang and S. Mindess

-Experimental Studies on Dynamic Response of Hardened

Cement Paste by D. Yankelevsky and I. Avnon

-Prediction of Dyamic Tensile Strength by J. Weerheijm

-Role of Physical Testing in Impact Analysis of Concrete

Structures by P. Bischoff

-Free Water in Concrete Pores: An Attempt of Physical

Explanation of Concrete Dynamic Behavior by F. Toutlemond

and P. Rossi

-Rate-Sensitive Micromechanical Model for Concrete by

D. Chandra and T. Krauthammer


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