SP-172: High-Performance Concrete - Proceedings: ACI International Conference, Malaysia 1997

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Editor: V.M.Malhotra


The theme of the Third ACI International Conference in Malaysia in 1997 was "High-Performance Design and Materials and Recent Advances in Concrete Technology". Over 90 papers were submitted and reviewed, and 52 were accepted for this publication.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1999

Pages: 1017

ISBN: 9780870316715

Categories: High Performance Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Precast Concrete Composite Deck Composition For

Rehabilitation of Bridges by Richard N. White

-Reisistance of Rice Husk Ash Concrete to Carbonation,

Acid Attack and Chloride Ion Penetration by Shuichi

Sugita, Oijun Yu, Masami Shoya, Yoichi Tsukinaga &

Yauso Isojima

-Strength of Sifcon Shear & Torosion by S.K. kaushik

and S.P. Singh

-The Influence of Silica Fume & Curing Temperature on

the Strength of HSC by Absullah M. Alshamsi

-Resistance of Silica Fume Concrete to Deicing Salt

Scaling--A Review by M.H. Zhang, N. Bouzoubaa and

V.M. Malhotra

-The Use of a Finely-Divided Mining By-Product in RCC

for Dam Construction by Richard Gagne, Danielle Martin,

Francine A. Blais, Alain Preseau and Salsutio Guzman

-Behavior of High-Strength Concrete Beams by

Richard H. Scott

-Factors Influencing Thermal Stresses in HPC Members

by Arshad A. Khan, William D. Cook and Dennis Mitchell

-Durability of Concrete Repairs: Current Problems and Future

Prospects by P.H. Emmons, A.M. Vaysburd and J.E. MacDonald

-Residual Strength of High-Performance Concrete Subjected

to High Temperatures by N. Gowripalan, P. Salonga and C. Dolden

-Identifying the Alkali Reactivity of Concrete Aggregates--Tests

on Autoclaved Concrete Samples by Sail K. Roy, Poh Kong Beng

and Derek O. Northwood

-Effects on Crack Measurement Caused by Steel Reinforcement

Bars by Yiching Lin and Tzonghoe Liou

-Static and Cyclic Loading of RC Beams Upgraded by Jacketing

by Hee Kiat Cheong and Niall MacAlevey

-The Ductile Behavior Including Flexural Strength of High-Strength

Concreet Members Subjected to Flexure by Sung-Woo Shin,

Suk-Hyung Yoo, Jong-Moon Ahn and Kwang-Soo Lee

-Use of High Volume Fly Ash in Grouting Applications by

J. Mirza, K. Saleh, V. Roy and M.S. Mirza

-Effect of the Combined Use of Ultra-Fine Fly Ash and Silica

Fume on Strength of HPC by Sun Wei, Pan Ganghua and

Ding Dajun

-Mass and High-Strength Concrete for High-Rise Buildings

in Indonesia by Hyung-Kyun Byun and Kwang Myong Lee

-The Petronas Twin Towers and High-Performance Concrete

by Charles H. Thornton, Hamsan Mohamad, Udom Hungspruke,

Leonard M. Joseph

-Effect of Curing and Addition of Polypropylene Fibers on

Selected properties of High-Strength Concrete by Saud F.

Al-Otaibi and Waheeb Al-Khaja

-The Role of Corrosion Inhibitors in High-Performance Concrete

by Theodor A. Burge

-Study on the Ability to Pass Between Steel Reinforcing Bars

of Highly-Flowable Concrete by Hiromi Fujiwara, Shigeyoshi

Nagataki, Akito Dozono and Akira Obatake

-An Experimental Study for the Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior

of Concrete by Jin Keun Kim and Sang-Hun Han

-Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Tendons Subjected

to Combined Axial Load and Harping by Shuaib H. Ahmad,

Carl V. Jerrett and Paul Zia

-High-Performance Concrete Placed Under Water by Kamal

Gad Sharobim

-Austrsalian Experience With High-Performance Concrete

Floors and Pavements by R.L. Munn, I.I. Dumitru, G. Smorchevsky

and J. Zdrilic

-Studies on High-Performanc Concrete and Its Applications

by Lin Baoyu, Shan Guoliang and Cai Yuebo

-Testing of Fiber-Reinforced Structural Concrete Elements by

Sidney Mindess, Perry Adebar and Julien Henley

-Flexural Strength and Toughness of Steel Fiber High-Strength

Concrete by Mahmoud A. Imam

-Hybrid Effects of Fiber-Reinforced Concreet on Fracture

Toughness by Takashi Horiguchi and Kohji Sakai

-Minimum Flexural Reinforcements of High-Strength Concrete

Beams by Faisa F. Wafa and Samir A. Ashour

-Flexural Behavior and Ductility of Prestressed Beams With

High-Strength Concrete by N. Gowripalan and X.W. Zou

-Flexural Performacne of Strengthened RC Beams Repaired

With Polymer Resins by Oan Chul Choi, Young Soo Shin,

Gi Suop Hing, Young Kyun Hong, Byung Guk Kim and Long Choi

-Mixture Properties of Self-Compacting, High-Performace

Concrete by Naoki Nagamoto and Kazumasa Ozawa

-Mechanical Properties of Self-Flowing Concrete by Jin-Kuen

Kim and Sang-Hun Han

-Rheological Properties of Self-Compacting, High-Performance

Concrete by Hoom Kim, Yon-Dong Park, jaeho Noh, Yongsum

Song, Chungho Han and Suckhwa Kang

-Behavior of Ferrocement Composite Columns in Compression

by S.K. Kaushik and S.P. Singh

-An Experimental Study on High-Strength Concrete Column

Strength Subjected to Eccentric Loads by Jae-Hoon Lee,

Hae Guen Park and Young-Shik Park

-Core Strenghts of High-Strength Concrete by George C. Hoff

and Radoslav Elimov

-Evaluation of the ASTM Standard Consolidation Requirements

for Repairing High-Strengh Concrete Cylinders by N.J. Carino,

G.M. Mullings and W.F. Guthrie

-Mix Proportioning and Properties of Roller-Compacted Concrete

Pavement Using Lignite Fly Ash by Somnuk Tangtermisirkul and

Yukio Aoyagi

-Analysis and Optimization of the Properties of Fine-Grained

Cementless Concrete By Means of Natural Mathematical Models

by S.I. Pavlenko and L.P. Myshlyaev

-Developments in the Manufacture and Use of Portland

Limestone Cement by Graeme K. Moir and Steven Kelham

-Properties of High-Performance, heat-Cured Slag Cement

Concrete For Bridge Structures by S.L. mak, G. Foster, G.

Chirgwin and D.W.S. Ho

-Stresses of High-Strength Concrete Due to Autogenous

Shrinkage Combined With Hydration Heat of Cement

by Ryoichi Sato, Ming Xu and Yang Yang

-Effect of Temperature and Triaxial Compression on

Engineering Behavior of High-Performance Concrete by

Xiaojun Li and Gerard Ballivy

-Characteristics and Application of High-Durability Concrete

by Byung-Hwan Oh, WonKi Chung, Seun-Yup Chang and

Kyu-Jung Lee

-Resistance of High-Quality Concrete (HQC) to Chloride Ion

Penetration by Tarun R. Naik, Frederick H. Gustin and Shiw

S. Singh

-The Use of foamcrete in Southern Africa by E.P. Kearsley

and H.F. Mostert

-Grouting of Dry Joints in Huites Dam, Choix, Mexico by

William J. Clark, Lois D. Schwarz, and Prospero Ortega

Moreno - reviewed by Bryant Mather and Scanlon

-High-Performance Concrete Incorporating Zeolite, Fly Ash

and Silica Fume by Sammy Y.N. Chan and Xihuang Ji

-Bond Between High-Performacne Concrete (HPC) and

Reinforcing Bars in Splices of Beams by Mohammad-Reza

Esfahani and B.V. Rangan

-Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Slans Under Low

Velocity Projectile Impact by K.C.G. Ong, P. Paramasivam

and M. Basheerkhan


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