SP-171: Third CANMET/ACI International Symposium on Advances in Concrete Technology

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Editor: V.M. Malhotra


The Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology (CANMET) of Natural Resources of Canada, Ottawa, has played a significant role in Canada over 35 years in the broad area of concrete. In August 1997, CANMET in association with the American Concrete Institute and other organizations in Canada and New Zealand, sponsored the Third CANMET/ACI International Symposium on Advances in Concrete Technology in Auckland, New Zealand. The main purpose of the symposium was to bring together representatives from industry, universities, and government agencies to present the latest information in the subject area of the symposium, and to explore new areas of needed research and development. More than 50 papers from 15 countries were received and reviewed in accordance with the policies of the American Concrete Institute. Thirty-three of the papers were accepted for presentation and publication. In addition to the refered papers more than 20 other papers were presented and distributed at the symposium.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1997

Pages: 698

ISBN: 9780870316708

Categories: Concrete Technology

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Design for Durability and Strength Through the Use of

Fly Ash and Slag in Concrete by R.N. Swamy

-Quality Management Plan for the Confederation Bridge

by W.S. Langley, R.A. Gilmore, J. Turnham, G. Forbes

and T. Mosert

-Water Sorptivity of Heat-Cured Concrete for Bridge

Structures by D.W.S. Ho, G.J. Chirgwin and S.L. Mak

-Role and Regulation of the Transition Zone in Realizing

High Performance Concrete by Hiroshi Uchikawa

-The Behavior of High Performance Structural Lightweight

Concrete at Elevated Temperatures by Michael P. Gillen

-Design of High Strength High-Performance Concrete

Members by Vijaya Rangen

-HPC Precast Sewer Pipe by D.O. Northwood, Kevin Cail

and Kevin A. MacDonald

-Effects of Humic Acid Treatments on Properties of Bamboo

Fiber Reinforced, Polymer-Modified Pastes by Y. Ohama

and K. Demura

-Corrosion Protection Shield of Steel Bars, Due to Steel

Fibers in Concrete by Abdullah Keyvani Someh, Noboru

Saeki and Takenori Notoya

-Fiber Matrix Compability Consideration in Fiber Reinforced

Cements and Concretes by Collin D. Johnson

-Performance Characteristics of Concrete Incorporating a

Natural Amorphous Silica by D.H. Chisholm

-Effect of Rice Husk Ash Blending Protland Cement on

Compressive Strenght of Gap-Graded Concrete by

D.D. Bui and P. Stroeve

-Wall Panels From Air-Entrained Ash Slag Concrete by

S.I. Pavlenko

-Setting Accelerator Calcium Nitrate Fundamentals,

Performance and Application by Harald Justnes and

Erik C. Nygaard

-Developments of Super-Workable Concrete With Viscosity

Agent for Reconstruction of Jetty Structures Destroyed by

the Hanshin Great Earthquake by T. Fukute, H. Hamada,

S.K. Sano, E. Sueoka, A. Moriwake and H. Takeuchi

-Evaluation of Polymer-Modified, Cement-Based Mortars

for Replacing Concrete Structures in Cold Climates by

J. Mirza, R. Lapointe and M.S. Mirza

-A Study of the Corrosion Resistance of Thermal Sprayed

Stainless Steel Coatings for Reinforcing Bars by Ping Gu,

Bernard Arsenault, J.J. Beaudoin, Jean-Gabriel Legoux,

Bernard Harvey and Joel Fournier

-Reinforcement Corrosion in New Zealand Concrete by

S.A. Freitag, S.M. Bruce and W.E. Hickman

-Auckland Basalts as a Source of Alkali in Concrete by

Reiner Goguel and Neil B. Milestone

-Construction of Joints in Roller Compacted Dam Concrete

by Takeo Iisaka

-Mixture Proportioning of Roler Compacted Concrete:

A Review by J. Marchand, R. Gagne, E. Ouellet and

S. Lepage

-Use of Dry Bottom Ash as a Fine Aggregate in Roller

Compacted Concrete by N. Ghafoori, Y. Cai and

B. Ahmadi

-The Effect of Electrochemical Chloride Extraction Treatment

on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of

Cementitious Materials by T.D. Marcotte, N.M. Ihekwaba,

C.M. Hansson and B.B. Hope

-Multivariate Statistical Methods in Evaluation of Concrete

and Aggregate Properties by Peter P. Hudec

-Externally Reinforced Concrete Composites by Peter G.


-A New Generation of Structural Lightweight Concrete by

O.A. Kayyali and M.N. Haque

-Assessing the Tightness of the Surface Layer of Concrete

by M. Shoya, Y. Tsukinaga and S. Sugita

-Setting Shrinkage and Setting Stress of Polymer Mortar

by F. Omata, M. Kawakami, H. Tokushige and A. Moriyoshi

-Sulfates in Cement Clinker and Their Effect on Concrete

Durability by Jan Skalny, Vagn Johansen and F.M. Miller

-Deicing Salt Scaling Resistance of High-Strength Concrete

by J. Stark and N. Chelouah

-In-Situ Permeability testing - A Basis for Service Life Prediction

by A.E. Long, P.A.M. Basheer and F.R. Montgomery

-Performancde Characteristics and Application of High-

Performance Polyolefin Fiber Reinforced Concretes by

V. Ramakrishnan


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