SP-140: High Performance Concrete in Severe Environments

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Editor: Paul Zia


Many innovations in advanced concrete materials technology have made it possible to produce concrete with exceptional performance characteristics. Recognizing the need to encourage the development of such high performance concrete technology and to expedite its transfer into practice, the ACI Technical Activities Committee formed a Subcommittee on High Performance Concrete (THPC) in 1992. High performance concrete is defined by THPC as concrete which meets special performance and uniformity requirements that cannot always be achieved routinely by using only conventional materials and normal mixing, placing, and curing practices. The requirements may involve enhancements of placement and compaction without segregation, long-term mechanical properties, early-age strength, toughness, volume stability, or service life in severe environments.The Symposium on High Performance Concrete in Severe Environments held at the ACI Fall Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 9, 1993, is the first formal activity organized by THPC. Co-sponsored by RILEM, the symposium emphasizes field applications. This volume contains 14 papers, of which 13 have been scheduled for presentation at the symposium.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1993

Pages: 310

ISBN: 9780870316395

Categories: High Performance Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-High Performance Concrete in Florida Bridges, by

J. Armaghani, D. Romano, M. Bergin, and J. Moxley

-Development and Utilization of High Performance Concrete

for the Construction of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, by

K. Tanaka, K. Sato, S. Watanabe, I. Arima, and K. Suenaga

-The Use of High Performance Air Entrained Concrete for the

Construction of the Portneuf Bridge, by P.C. Aïtcin, G. Ballivy,

D. Mitchell, M. Pigeon, and L.G. Coulombe

-High Performance Concretes in the "Elorn" Bridge, by J. Le Bris,

P. Redoulez, V. Augustin, J.M. Torrenti, and F. de Larrard

-High Performance Concrete for Highway Applications: Field

Results, by J.J. Schemmel and M.L. Leming

-Chloride Permeability and AC Impedance of High

Performance Concrete, by M.R. Hansen, M.L. Leming,

P. Zia, and S. Ahmad

-Application of Super Workable Concrete to Construction

of a 20-Story Building, by S. Kuroiwa, Y. Matsuoka, M. Hayakawa,

and T. Shindoh

-Application of Super Workable Concrete to Reinforced Concrete

Structures with Difficult Construction Conditions, by N. Miura, N.

Takeda, R. Chikamatsu, and S. Sogo

-Advances in Underwater Concreting: St. Lucie Plant Intake

Velocity Cap Rehabilitation, by: N. Hasan, E. Faerman, and

D. Berner

-High Performance Concrete to Plug the Flooding of the Chicago

Tunnels, by J. Moreno and G. Detwiler

-HPC for the Improvement of Tightness of Nuclear Reactor

Containments in Case of Severe Accidents, by G.J.B. Ithurralde

and J.L. Costaz

-Salt Saturated Mass Concrete Under Chemical Attack, by

L.D. Wakeley, T.S. Poole, J.J. Ernzen, and B.D. Neeley

-Development of Very Low Heat Mass Concrete Mixtures for the

Modification of Theodore Roosevelt Dam, by W.F. Kepler and

K.F. Von Fay

-High Performance Concrete Mixtures for Durability, by

J.M. Shilstone, Sr., and J.M. Shilstone, Jr.


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