SP-138: Fiber-Reinforced-Plastic Reinforcement for Concrete Structures - International Symposium

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Editors: Antonio Nanni & Charles W. Dolan

The American Concrete Institute sponsored an unprecedented six technical sessions on FRP Reinforcement for Concrete at the Vancouver Conference on March 28-31, 1993. Speakers and attendees were present from Europe, Japan, Canada and the United States. The papers in this Special Publication are organized in the same subject areas as the conference. The subject topic areas and symposium sections are:

1. FRP Material Properties and Testing Methods

2. FRP Reinforcement for Reinforced Concrete

3. FRP Reinforcement for Prestressed Concrete

4. Analysis And Design

5. The Japanese National Project for FRP Development

6. Applications of FRP Reinforcement


The 55 technical papers in this report represent the most comprehensive compilation to date of FRP research, design, and application information. A comparison of the papers provides an insight to the approach to the use and development of FRP reinforcement within the research communities of Europe, Japan and North America. The two symposium volumes are also significant because substantial portions of the extensive Japanese national research project have been translated into English. The Japanese papers provide an insight to both the magnitude of the technical work being conducted in Japan and the organization of the Japanese research program.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 351

Publication Year: 1993

Pages: 977

ISBN: 9780870316364

Categories: Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Splitting Forces in FRPR Pretensioned Concrete, by

W.R. de Sitter and R.A. Vonk

-Investigation of S-2 Glass/Epoxy Strands in Concrete,

by R. Sen, D. Mariscal, and M. Shahawy

-Characteristics of Aramid FRP Rods, by K. Mukae,

S. Kumagai, H. Nakai, and H. Asai

-Bond Characteristics of FRP Rod and Concrete after

Freezing and Thawing Deterioration, by M. Mashima

and K. Iwamoto

-Evaluation of FRP as Reinforcement for Concrete Bridges,

by A.H. Rahman, D.A. Taylor, and C.Y. Kingsley

-Creep Rupture Behavior of FRP Elements for Prestressed

Concrete-Phenomenon, Results and Forecast Models,

by H. Budelmann and F.S. Rostasy

-Properties of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Rods for Prestressing

Tendons, by T. Uomoto and H. Hodhod

-Evaluation Items and Methods of FRP Reinforcement as

Structural Elements, by S. Mochizuki, Y. Matsuzaki, and M. Sugita

-Mechanical Properties of Composite Beams by FRP, by

E. Sueoka, K. Yasuoka, O. Kiyomiya, M. Yamada, M. Shikamori

-Aramid Fabric as a Reinforcement for Concrete, by

J. Kasperkiewicz and H.W. Reinhardt

-Experimental Study on Tensile Strength of Bent Portion of

FRP Rods, by T. Maruyama, M. Honma, and H. Okamura

-Research and Development of Grid Shaped FRP

Reinforcement, by T. Fujisaki, T. Nakatsuji, and M. Sugita

-Lateral Confinement of Concrete Using FRP Reinforcement,

by A. Nanni, M.S. Norris, and N.M. Bradford

-Application of Three-Dimensional Fabric Reinforced

Concrete to Building Panels, by H. Nakagawa, M. Kobayashi,

T. Suenaga, T. Ouchi, S. Watanabe, and K. Satoyama

-Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Chimneys, Columns

and Beams with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics, by

C. Ballinger, T. Maeda, and T. Hoshijima

-Behavior of Externally Confined Concrete Columns, by

H. Saadatmanesh, M.R. Ehsani, and M.W. Li

-Flexural Behavior of Cementitious Composites Reinforced by

Pitch-Based High Modulus Continuous Carbon Fibers, by

T. Yamada, K. Yamada, and K. Kubomura

-Control of Cracking by Use of Carbon Fiber Net as Reinforcement

for Concrete, by T. Makizumi, Y. Sakamoto, and S. Okada

-Absorbing Capacity of Cushion System Using Concrete Slab

Reinforced with AFRP Rods, by T. Tamura, H. Mikami,

O. Nakano, and N. Kishi

-Investigation of Bond in Concrete Member with Fiber

Reinforced Plastic Bars, by E. Makitani, I. Irisawa, and N. Nishiura

-Bond of GFRP Rebars to Ordinary-Strength Concrete,

by M.R. Ehsani, H. Saadatmanesh, and S. Tao

-FRP Tensile Elements for Prestressed Concrete - State of

the Art, Potentials and Limits, by F.S. Rostásy

-Should FRP be Bonded to Concrete?, by C.J. Burgoyne

-Epoxy Socketed Anchors for Non-Metallic Prestressing

Tendons, by L.E. Holte C.W. Dolan, and R.J. Schmidt

-Behavior of Prestressed Concrete Beams Using FRP as

External Cable, by H. Mutsuyoshi and A. Machida

-Flexural Characteristics of Prestressed Concrete Beams with

CFRP Tendons, by T. Kato and N. Hayashida

-Partially Prestressed Beams with Carbon Fiber Composite

Strands: Preliminary Tests Evaluation, by A.E. Naaman,

K.H. Tan, S.M. Jeong, and F.M. Alkhairi

-Properties of Hollow Concrete Masonry Reinforced with

Fiberglass Composite, by A. Hamid, J. Larralde, and A. Salama

-Prestressed Concrete Beams Using Non-Metallic Tendons

and External Shear Reinforcement, by C.W. Dolan, W. Rider,

M.J. Chajes, and M. DeAscanis

-Flexural Behavior of Masonry Walls Strengthened with Composite

Fabrics, by M.R. Ehsani, H. Saadatmanesh, I.H. Abdelghany, and

W. Elkafrawy

-Flexural Fatigue Behavior of Prestressed Concrete Beams

Using Aramid-Fiber Tendons, by K. Iwamoto, Y. Uchita N. Takagi,

and T. Kojima

-Flexural and Shear Behavior of Prestressed Concrete Beams

Using FRP Rods as Prestressing Tendons, by A. Yonekura,

E. Tazawa, and H. Nakayama

-Design Concept for Concrete Members Using Continuous

Fiber Reinforcing Materials, by H. Okamura, Y. Kakuta,

T. Uomoto, and H. Mutsuyoshi

-Pultruded FRP Grating Reinforced Concrete Slabs, by

L.C. Bank and Z. Xi

-Flexural Behavior and Energy Absorption of Carbon FRP

Reinforced Concrete Beams, by T. Kakizawa, S. Ohno, and

T. Yonezawa

-Theoretical and Experimental Correlation of Behavior of

Concrete Beams Reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Plastic Rebars,

by S.S. Faza and H.V.S. GangaRao

-Shear Capacity of RC and PC Beams Using FRP Reinforcement,

by S. Tottori and H. Wakui

-Principles of Design of FRP Tendons and Anchorages for

Post-Tensioned Concrete, by F.S. Rostásy and H. Budelmann

-Ductile Behavior of Beams Using FRP as Tendons and

Transverse Reinforcement, by H. Taniguchi, H. Mutsuyoshi,

T. Kita, and A. Machida

-Ultimate Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Concrete

Members Reinforced with AFRP Rods Under Combined Axial

Tension or Compression and Bending, by N. Kawaguchi

-Evaluation of Permissible Crack Width on FRP Reinforced

Concrete Member, by Y. Kaneko, H. Seki, M. Matsushima,

and K. Matsui

-Outline of the National Research Project on the Use of FRP

Reinforcement in Concrete Building Structures in Japan,

by Y. Sonobe

-Fundamental Properties of Continuous Fiber Bars, by

Y. Yamasaki, Y. Masuda, H. Tanano, and A. Shimizu

-Tensile Strength of Continuous Fiber Bar Under High

Temperature, by S. Kumahara, Y. Masuda, H. Tanano,

and A. Shimizu

-Flexural Performance of Concrete Beams Reinforced with

Continuous Fiber Bars, by K. Nakano, Y. Matsuzaki, H. Fukuyama,

and M. Teshigawara Bond

-Performance of Concrete Members Reinforced with FRP Bars,

by T. Kanakubo, K. Yonemaru, H. Fukuyama, M. Fujisawa, and

Y. Sonobe

-Shear Performance of Concrete Beams Reinforced with FRP

Stirrups, by T. Nagasaka, H. Fukuyama, and M. Tanigaki

-FRP Dowel Bars in Reinforced Concrete Pavements, by V.L.

Brown and C.L. Bartholomew

-Advanced Composite Demonstration Bridge Deck, by S.L. Iyer

-Practical Applications of Aramid FRP Rods to Prestressed

Concrete Structures, by K. Noritake, K. Mukae, S. Kumagai,

and J. Mizutani

-Practical Application and Performance of PPC Beams Reinforced

with Braided FRP Bars, by T. Okamoto, S. Matsubara,

M. Tanigaki, and K. Hasuo

-Report on the Use of CFCC in Prestressed Concrete Bridges

in Japan, by N. Santoh, H. Kimura, T. Enomoto, T. Kiuchi, and

Y. Kuzuba

-Strengthening of Damaged Concrete Beams by External

Prestressing of Aramid Fiber Cable, by N. Saeki, T. Horiguchi,

M. Inomata, S. Hata, and T. Ikeda

-RC Slabs Strengthened by Bonded Carbon FRP Plates:

Part 1-Laboratory Study, by H. Ichimasu, M. Maruyama,

H. Watanabe, and T. Hirose

-RC Slabs Strengthened by Bonded Carbon FRP Plates:

Part 2 - Application, by H. Ichimasu, M. Maruyama, H. Watanabe,

and T. Hirose


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