SP-128: Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures and Innovations in Design

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Editor: V.M. Malhotra 2 Volume Set


Leading world experts met in Hong Kong to participate in The ACI conference on Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures and Innovations and Design. The specific purpose of the Conference was to disseminate technical information on emerging concrete technology in the Pacific rim region. You can review the results of that timely event in a two volume document comprised of 90 technical papers. Volume I contains paper dealing with materials. Topics include: high elastic surface coatings, concrete deterioration on high chloride and sulfate environment, nondestructive testing, impact-echo technique, fiber reinforcement, injectable cementitious materials, and case studies. Volume II is comprised of papers pertaining to design aspects. Topics include: concrete for offshore structures, performance of structural repairs, design of high-strength and reinforced concrete structures, design of beams and columns, and case studies.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1991

Pages: 1504

ISBN: 9780870316265

Categories: Design

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

A Highly Elastic Surface Coating to Protect Structures Exposed to Coastal Marine Environments by R.N. Swamy and S. Tanikawa

Concrete Deterioration in High Chloride and Sulfate Environment and Repair Strategies by H. Saricimen, A.J. Al-Tayyib M. Maslehuddin and M. Shamim

Comparitive Evaluation of Nondestructive Testers of Hardened Concrete by K.W. Nasser and P.S.H. Lai

Evaluation of Several Nondestructive Testing Techniques for locating voids in Grouted Tendon Ducts by N.A. Cumming, P.T. Seabrook and V.M. Malhotra

Assessment of Deterioration in Sea-Side Concrete Bridges located in cold regions by in-situ tests on the surface layer of concrete by M. Shoya, Y. Tsukinaga, and S. Sugita

Precautions for the use of nondestructive testing on site by C.T. Tam, K.C. Ong, S. Swaddiwudhipong, and S.L. Lee

Experience with the impact echo technique by H.S. Limaye and D.F. Meinheit

The technical and financial impact of nondestructive testing by R.A. Muenow

Advancements and New applications in impact-echo testing by M.Sansalone, Y.Lin, D.Pratt, and C.C. Cheng

Prestressed Concrete Pipe Repair by J.R.Thurston and T.C.Fisher

Pavement Repairs with Metallic Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete: Laboratory and Field Studies of Durability by J.L. Granju, M. Pigeon, F. Grandhaie, and N. Banthia

Impact resistance of fiber reinfoced prestressed concrete railroad ties by S. Mindess, C.Yan, and W.J. Venuti

Studies of Shotcrete using ultra rapid hardening cement, steel fiber, and silica fume by Y. Masuda, Y. Uchida, and Y. Tanaka

Injectable cementitious materials for chracks in hydraulic structures by J. Mirza, M. Popiel, J.P. Lacasse, M. Pelletier, G. Ballivy, and K. Saleh

The influence of injected eposy systems on the elastic and mechanical properties of cracked concretes by G. Moriconi, M.G.Pauri, G. Percossi, and S. Busto

Evaluation of a speccial injector to repair structural members by C.Y. Chung and C.L. Hwang

Development of a High Temperature service polymer grout by A. Ohata and G. Goldsboro

Strength evaluation of early age shotcrete by L.R. Prudencio Jr

Shotcrete in the US: A brief history by I.L. Glassgold

Micro-reinforced cementitious composites for thin repairs by N. Banthia dn S. Dubeau

Fracture mechanics considerations in the assessment of deteriorating mechanisms in concrete by J. Hom and P. Goltermann

Nondestructive and quantitative evalution for corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete using electro-chemical inspection system by K. Takewaka, S. Matsumoto, and M. Khin

Cathodic protection of rebars in old and new concrete structures by A. Tvarusko

Reinforcement Corrosion Assessment using linear polarization techniques by S.G. Millard, K.R. Gowers, and J.S. Gill

Story Bridge Rehabilitation study-concrete deck slabs by D.L. Beam and R.J. Heywood

Problems associated with deterioration and repairs of concrete piles in marine environment by N.C. Kothari

A study on durability of structurs exposed to marine environment by T. Oshiro, S. Tanikawa, and No. Goto

The investigatino and the rehabilitation of cruciform precase concrete cladding in a cylindrical shaped structure by P.J.E. Sullivan

New life for and old soldier: Rehabilitation of Chicago's Soldier Field by G.J. Klein

Imprived determination of the locations and sized of steel rebars in concrte by S. Popovics and J.S. Popovics

Use of sub-surface radar for structural assessment of in-situ concrete by J.H. Bungey, S.G. Millard, and M.R. Shaw

Use of a new glass-fiber rod as reinforcement for concrete structures by O. Chaallal, J. Houde, B. Benmokrane, and P.C. Aitcin

Influence of core dimensions on compressive strength results and their dispersion by A. goncalves

Mechanical properties of high performance concrete by P. Zia, S.H. Ahmad, and M.L. Leming

Fine-grained slag sand and fly ash concrete with higher frost resistance and waterproofness by S.Pavlenko and I. Rekhtin

Characterization of mortars as surface repair materials by J. Mirza

Role of Rheological properties of concrete in design innovations by W. Jiang and D.M. Roy

A classification and quality system for concrete repair mortars by S.T. Chan, P.R. Ainsworth, and A.S. Read

The improvement of surface layer strength of concrete by using a special curing sheet by T. Sugawara, M. Shoya nd N. Saeki

Studies of methods to assess the quality of the surface layer of concrete by Y. Tsukinaga, M. Shoya, and T. Sugawara

The effect of synthetic fibers in reducing damage to concrete by A.L. Landau and T.E.Webster

Quality of Concrete for durable structures by D.W.S. Ho and H.T. Cao

Durability of new-to-old concrete buildings by F. Saucier and M. Pigeon

Fundamental studies on inorganic materials for crack injection by T. Kato, H. Umehara, and H. Yoshida

Studies on penetration properties of repair materials for cracks in concrete by T. Iisaka, A. Sugiyama, and H. Umehara

Standards activities for protection and repair of structures in Europe by A.M Paillere and B. El Jaizairi

Considerations in the use of concrete for offshore structures by G.C. Hoff

Strategies and implementation of structural repairs to high rise housing blocks in hong kong by R.A. Bates, M.V. Harley, G.G. Payne, and R.A.M. Watkins

Non-destructive evaluation of structural concrete with stress waves by L.D. Olson

Major factors influencing the performance of structural repair by Y.S. Yuan and M. Marosszeky

An experimental study on abrasion of various concretes due to ice movement by Y. Itoh, Y. Asai, and H. Saeki

Design of high strength concrete columns by B.V. Ranga, P. Saunders, and E.J. Seng

Introduction of a code for design and construction of steel fiber reinforced concrete structures by Z. Guofan, H. Chenkui, and W. Ruimin

Ductile behavior of high-strength concrete columns confined by high-strength transverse reinforcement by H. Muguruma, M. Nishiyama, F. Watanabe, and H. Tanaka

Development of in-situ nondestructive evaluation techniques for rebar corrosion, concrete deterioration and internal cracks by M. Ohtsu and K.Yuno

Flexural behavior of prestressed concrete beams reinforced with aramid fiber reinforced plastic flat bars by R. Iwaki, Y. Murayama, H. Akiyama, and R. Amano

Improvement of flexural behavior of reinforced concrete sections by combined use of different grade longitudinal bars by F. Watanabe and K. Ohsumi

How to attain full continuity and standardization in composite prestressed multi beam bridges by K. Mirtalaei

Study on the application of fiber mixed reinforced concrete for earthquake resistant design by H. Watanabe, S. Kobayashi, H. Kawano, and K. Morihama

Interference effect on wind loads on tall buildings by A.K. Ahuja, S.K. Pathak, and S.A. Mir

Flexural behavior of reinforced concrete beams containing steel fibers by B.H. Oh, H.J. Lee, D.H. Lim, and S.K. Lee

Influence of Design and construction practices on seismic behavior of reinforced concrete buildings by S.A. Ashour, K. Mahmood, and H.H. Abdel-Rahman

A Study on the bending behavior of repaired reinforced concrete beams using fiber reinforced plastic and polymer mortar by K. Satoh, K. Kodama, and H. Ohki

Stability of tapered cantilever beams under torsion by T. Amirsoleymani

Use of super high strength rebars as web reinforcement by H. Takagi and Y. Kanoh

Seismic shear strengthening method for existing reinforced concrete short columns by K. Yoshimura, K. Kikuchi, and M. Kuroki

An experiemental study on the composite precast slab by C.P. Park and S.W. Yoon

Development of probability based load and resistance factor design formats for reinforced concrete structures by S.H. Kim, K.W. Bae, H.S. Park, and H.K. Cho

Practical aspects of a rescue scheme for a reinforced concrete building subject to sulfate attack by O. Shawa

Pattullo Bridge, British Columbia, Canada-rehabilitation of south approach viaduct by G.A. Lang and A.G. Martin

Bearing capacity of a reinforced concrete sixty year old water tower by G.G. Penelis, J.P. Papayiuanni, K.C. Stylianidis, C.E. Ignatakis, and L.Z. Athanassiadis

Refurbishment of the Grandstand structures of the Royal Hong Kong Jockey club by R.W. Forster and D.G. Vesey

Bond Development in fiber reinforced plastic grid reinforced concrete by G. Goodspeed, M. Zhang, J. Yost, and E. Schmeckpeper

Rehabilitation of a fire damaged structure by R.L. Nene and P.S. Kavle

Lightweight calcium silicate board and its application in engineering by F. Mingfen

The restoration of Kakabeka Falls Ontario Canade by R.G. Grieve, T.G. Carter and R.B. Adamson

Seismic Design of bridges to relate ductility and sway by E. Atimtay

Behavior of repaired/strengthened reinforced concrete structural members by A.T. Tankut and U.Ersoy

Evaluation, Repair and Reinforcement of an ultra thin two way flat slab with drop panels by S.G. Provenghi and G.E. Brandow

Study on durability of a repaired concrete structure in Tokyo Bay by P. Kudoh, A. Hirotani, A. Moriwake, and M. Yasuda

Repair of a reinforced concrete reactor structure in a chemical plant by J. Sim and C.H. Kim

IBM Tower in Singapore-analysis and design by V. Mujumdar

World War II concrete structures on Guam by C.L. Searles, D. Slaton, and S.E. Thomasen

Reserve strength and rehabilitation of a reinforced concrete building by E. Citipitioglu, H. Sucuoglu and S. Altin

Simple approach to precast beam column connection assemblies by G.S. Cheok and H.S. Lew

Plate bonding technology - the painless technique of structural rehabilitation by R.N. Swamy and R. Jones

Rehabilitation and reconstruction of concrete structures by A. Pakvor

The promise and challenge of evaluation of service life by G. Singh

Application of new technology for repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures by J.E. McDonals

Rehabilitation of a fire damaged building by E.M. Morales


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