SP-126: Durability of Concrete: Second International Conference, Montreal, Canada 1991

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Editors: ACI & V M Malhotra


In August 1991 the Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology (CANMET) in association with the American Concrete Institute; the Institute for Research in Construction/ National Research Council, Ottawa; and the Eastern Ontario and Quebec Chapter of American Concrete Institute sponsored the 2nd CANMET/ACI International Conference on Durability of Concrete. More than 100 papers from 20 countries were received and peer reviewed in accordance with the policies of the American Concrete Institute. Seventy were accepted for publication. The accepted papers are published in two volumes.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1991

Pages: 1361

ISBN: 9780870316241

Categories: Durability

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Durability of Concrete -- Fifty Years of Progress?,

by P.K. Mehta

-Durability of Offshore and Marine Concrete Structures,

by G.C. Hoff

-Some Aspects of Durability of High-Volume ASTM Class F

(Low-Calcium) Fly Ash Concrete, by V.M. Malhotra, G.G. Carette,

A. Bilodeau, and V. Sivasundaram

-Freezing and Thawing Durability of High-Strength Lightweight

Concretes, by D. Whiting and R. Burg

-Freezing and Thawing Durability of Roller-Compacted

Concrete, by T.P. Dolen

-The Use of Air Entrainment to Ensure the Frost Resistance

of Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavements, by S.A. Ragan

-Deicer Salt Scaling Resistance of Roller-Compacted Concrete

Pavements, by J. Marchand, J. Boisvert, M. Pigeon, and

H.L. Isabelle

-Performance of Roller-Compacted Concrete -- Corps of

Engineers' Experience, by T.C. Liu

-Freezing and Thawing Resistance of Anti-Washout Concrete

Under Water, by T. Yamato, Y. Emoto, and M. Soeda

-Deicer Salt Scaling Resistance of High Strength Concretes

Made with Different Cements, by R. Gagne, M. Pigeon, and

P.-C. Aitcin

-Influence of Curing and Drying on Salt Scaling Resistance of

Fly Ash Concrete, by A. Bilodeau, G.G. Carette, V.M. Malhotra,

and W.S. Langley

-Effect of Composition and Aging on the Frost Resistance of

High-Strength Concrete, by H. Kukko and S. Matala

-Freezing and Thawing Resistance of Non Air-Entrained and

Air-Entrained Concretes Containing a High Percentage of

Condensed Silica Fume, by D. Galeota, M.M. Giammatteo,

R. Marino, and V. Volta

-Acoustic Emissions of Mortr Subjected to Freezing and

Thawing, by H. Shimada, K. Sakai, and G.G. Litvan

-Durability Properties of Overlays for Erosion-Damaged

Concrete, by J. Mirza

-Carbonation-Chloride Interactions and Their Influence on

Corrosion Rates of Steel in Concrete, by H. Roper and

D. Baweja

-Deterioration of Parking Structures, by G.G. Litvan

-Durability Predictions From Rate of Diffusion Testing of

Normal Portland Cement, Fly Ash, and Slag Concrete, by

K.E. Philipose, R.F. Feldman, and J.J. Beaudoin

-Comparative Studies of Galvanized and Epoxy Coated

Steel Reinforcement in Concrete, by S.R. Yeomans

-Control of Steel Corrosion in Chloride Contaminated

Concrete Through Aron Wall Surface Coating, by

R. N. Swamy and S. Tanikawa

-Long-Term Corrosion Resistance of Steel in Silica Fume

and/or Fly Ash Containing Concretes, by N.S. Berke,

M.J. Scali, J.C. Regan, and D.F. Shen

-Reinforcement Corrosion Under Simultaneous Diverse

Exposure Conditions, by S. Misra and T. Uomoto

-Comparative Results of Utilization of Fly Ash, Silica Fume

and GGBFS in Reducing the Chloride Permeability of Concrete,

by W.E. Ellis, Jr., E.H. Riggs, and W.B. Butler

-Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel in Concrete Exposed to Sea

Air, by T. Ohta

-Chloride Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel in Silica Fume

Concrete Exposed to Marine Enviornment, by N. Takagi,

T. Miyagawa, S. Amasaki, and T. Kojima

-Study on Corrosion Prevention in Reinforced Concrete

Containing Condensed Silica Fume and Its Application, by

L. Anqi, L. Baoyu, H. Guoping, C.Yeibo, and S. Guolian

-Influence of Chloride Corosion on the Durability of

Reinforcement in the Concrete, by J. Deja, J. Malolepszy,

and G. Jaskiewicz

-Silica Fume Concrete: A Solution to Steel Reinforcement

Corrosion in Concrete, by J.T. Wolsiefer, Sr.

-Influence of Curing Time on Behaviour in Seawater of

High-Strength Mortar with Silica Fume, by A.M. Paillere,

G. Platret, P. Roussel, and J. Gawsewitch

-Performance of Concrete Structures in Industrial Environment,

by A.K. Mullick, C. Rajkumar, and N.K. Jain

-Durability of Concrete to Marine Environment, by J. Beslac

-Quality Inspection of "Shore Approach" High Strength

Concrete, by M. Maage and S. Helland

-Investigation of Concrete From a Bridge Support After

11 Years of Exposure to Seawater, by A. Durekovic and

V. Calogovic

-Cathodic Protection of the Arthur Laing Bridge, by

N.A. Cumming, T.F. Rogers, and A.P. Joseph

-A Cathodic Protection System for Rehabilitation of Marine

Concrete Structures, by K. Takewaka and T. Minematsu

-Cathodic Protection of the Concrete Piers of Two Bridges

in Virginia Using a Water-Based Conductive Coating, by

G.G. Clemena and D.R. Jackson

-Fatigue Performance of Fibre-Reinforced Cement Composite

Concrete Beams, by N.J. Dave

-Fatigue Strength Toughness Indices of Fiber Reinforced

Concrete, by G.B. Batson

-Erosion-Abrasion Resistance of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete,

by J. Sustersic, E. Mali, and S. Urbancic

-Durability of Fibre Cement Composites, by A.J. Majumdar

and P.L. Walton

-Durability Comparisons of Fiber Reinforced Concrete in

Chemical Plant Applications, by C.N. MacDonald

-The Effect of Changes in Matrix Properties with Time on the

Measured and Predicted Long Term Properties of Fibre

Reinforced Cement, by D.J. Hannant

-Significance of Microstructure of the Glass Fiber-Cement

Paste Interfacial Zone in Long-Term Durability of GFRC

Composites, by M. Kawamura and S. Igarashi

-Moisture Sensitivity of Cellulose Fiber Reinforced Cement,

by P. Soroushian and S. Marikunte

-Durability of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Cements in Acidic

Environments, by N. Banthia and J. Sheng

-Long-Term Durability of Synthetic Fibers in Concrete, by

A. Khajuria, K. Bohra, and P. Balaguru

-Shotcrete: Surveillance for Durable Structures -- Case

Histories, by S. Gebler, P. Kolf, G. Seegebrecht, A. Litvin,

and J. Vincent

-Freeze Thaw Durability of Steel and Polypropylene Reinforced

Shotcretes: A Review, by D.R. Morgan

-The Effect of Pulverised-Fuel Ash with a High Total Alkali

Content on Alkali Silica Reaction in Concrete Containing

Natural UK Aggregate, by M.D.A. Thomas, P.J. Nixon, and

K. Pettifer

-Effect of Metakaolin on Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) in

Concrete Manufactured with Reactive Aggregate, by G.V. Walters

and T.R. Jones

-Evaluation of Fly Ash for Controlling Alkali-Aggregate Reaction,

by S. Nagataki, H. Ohga, and T. Inoue

-The Moisture Condition of Field Concrete Exhibiting Alkali-Silica

Reactivity, by D. Stark

-Carbonation of Expansive Concrete and Change of Hydration

Products, by E. Sakai, K. Kosuge, S. Teramura, and K. Nakagawa

-Effects of Fly Ash on Carbonation of Concrete with Portland

Blast-Furnace Slab Cement, by J. Bijen and R. van Selst

-Carbonation Resistance of Polymer Cement Mortars (PCC),

by B.A. Oye and H. Justnes

-The Sulphate Resistance of Portland and Blastfurnace Slag

Cement Concrete, by G.J. Osborne

-Resistance of High Strength Concrete to Sulfate Attack:

Soaking and Drying Test, by I.R. de Almeida

-The Resistance of Cements to Ammonium Nitrate Attack,

by A. Goncalves and X. Rodrigues

-The Durability of Structural Lightweight Concrete, by T.A. Holm

and T.W. Bremner

-The Protection of Steel Reinforcing by the Passivating Effect

of Lightweight Concrete, by V.F. Stepanova

-The Quality of the 'Covercrete' of Low-, Medium- and

High-Strength Concretes, by R.J. Torrent and A. Jornet

-Crack Patterns and Measurement Technique in Reinforced

Concrete Structures, by C.L. Hwang, R.Y. Lin, J.C. Chen,

and J.H. Kuo

-Barges Topped with Abrasion Resistant Concrete, by

H.R. Woodhead

-The Influence of Surface Layers Upon the Measurement of

Concrete Resistivity, by S.G. Millard and K.R. Gowers

-Reinforced Concrete: Correlation Between Cracking and

Corrosion, by R. Francois and G. Arliguie

-Durability of Cements with Fillers, by R. Ranc,

M. Moranville-Regourd, G. Cochet, and G. Chaudouard

-Durability of Pozzolanic Cements and Italian Experience in

Mass Concrete, by F. Massazza and G. Oberti

-Cyclic Heating and Cooling Effects on Concrete Durability,

by V. Ramakrishana, H.F. Shafai, and G. Wu

-Prestressed Bridges in Adverse Environments, by

V. Novokshchenov

-Study of Bond in Concrete Repairs, by M. Marosszeky,

J.G. Yu, and C.M. Ng


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