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Editor: Richard A. Kaden


Lunar Concrete is the exciting symposium volume which explores the production and use of concrete on the moon. Contained within 20 technical papers from well-known authorities on lunar concrete are details on lunar base construction, use of lunar resources, lunar concrete formulation, forming and placing lunar concrete, reinforcing lunar concrete, and environmental effects of lunar concrete, optimizing lunar concrete and much more. It may at first seem outrageous that concrete could be considered as primary material of construction for use on the Moon. However, a small group of scientists and engineers, many of them represented in this collection of papers, have persevered in examining this outrageous premise. Most, perhaps all, of the materials needed to make concrete are naturally present on the lunar surface. Although they have to be extracted and transformed, the energy required to do that, and probably the cost, is much less than that which would be required to bring the same quantity of material from the Earth to use on the Moon. The technology for utilizing these natural materials of the Moon would appear to be straightforward modifications of techniques that have been developed for terrestrial applications.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee E902

Publication Year: 1991

Pages: 300

ISBN: 9780870316234

Categories: Lunar Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Preface, by Michael B. Duke

- Foreword, by Richard A. Kaden

- Committee Chairman's Remarks, by T. D. Lin

- Editor's Note, by Richard A. Kaden

- Reprint--The Moon and 'Back to the Future', by

Richard A. Kaden

- Committee Membership

- What Every Engineer Should Know about Gravity and

Relativity, by G. D. Nasser

- Cementitious Material Extraction from Lunar Resources,

by S. Matsumoto, T. Yoshida, and K. Takagi

- Optimizing Lunar Concrete, by D. O. Swint and S. R. Schmidt

- Long-Term Properties of Mortar Exposed to a Vacuum,

by H. Kanamori, S. Matsumoto, and N. Ishikawa

- Methodology for Forming and Placing Lunar Concrete,

by R. A. Kaden

- Concrete Reinforced with GFRP (Glass-Fiber-Reinforced-Plastic)

in Lieu of Conventional Steel, by S P. Bunea

- An Overview of Engineering Studies in Support of Space

Exploration Initiative (SEI) Activities, by P. J. Richter,

R. M. Drake, and E. M. Repic

- Stresses in Concrete Panels Exposed to the Sun on the Moon,

by T. D. Lin, G. Ahmed, G. Hill, S. Robinson, T. Lin, C. Lindbergh,

and J. O'Gallagher

- The Role of the Center for Extraterrestrial Engineering and

Construction (CETEC) in the Development of Lunar Concrete,

by P. A. Hart, S. D. Howe, S.W. Johnson, G. G. Leigh, and

R. S. Leonard

- Astronomical Observatories on the Lunar Surface: A New

Challenge for Civil Engineers, by P. N. Swanson, J. D. Burke,

J. A. Cutts, and J. A. Hendrickson

- Lunar Concrete Construction Requires New Values Systems

and Concepts, by P. Chow and T. Y. Lin

- Environmental Effects on Lunar Observatories and Lunar

Concrete, by S. W. Johnson, G. J. Taylor, J. P. Wetzel, and

J. O. Burns

- Production of Lunar Concrete in a Large Pressurized

Assembly Facility, by R. M. Drake

- Educational Program in Space Civil Engineering, by

M. E. Criswell and W. Z. Sadeh

- Lime Production from Lunar Anorthite, by D. M. Burt

- A Novel Solar Concentrator for Very High Temperature

Processing of Lunar Cement, by J. J. O'Gallagher and T. D. Lin

- Lunar Cement Formulation, by A. Mishulovich, Tung D. Lin,

S. W. Tresouthick, and P. B. West

- Precast Segments Made with Compacted Dry Mix for

Lunar Construction, by C. L. Hwang, R. Y. Lin, S. L. Shieh,

and L. C. Lee

- Moonbase #1; A Simulated Lunar Base in the State of Florida,

by d. Webb, C. Shove, and T. D. Lin

- Early Lunar Base Construction, by H. A. Franklin


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