SP-122: Paul Klieger Symposium on Performance of Concrete

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Editor: David Whiting


A collection of 24 papers form an international panel of experts on topics ranging from fundamental laboratory studies of concrete durability to case histories of concrete rehabilitation. The volume is arranged in three parts.

Part 1: covers the more fundamental aspects and laboratory investigations. Topics include freeze-thaw resistance, durability of high strength concrete, corrosion of reinforcing steel, air voids in concrete, and effects of high range water-reducers.

Part 2: covers field studies where concrete is exposed to natural conditions. Topics include carbonation of concrete, deicer scaling resistance of roller compacted concrete pavements, performance in marine environments, and microbiologically-induced deterioration.

Part 3: covers case histories of the performance and rehabilitation of concrete structures in severe service environments. The types of structures include cooling tower shells, precast prestressed concrete conveyor bridge, heavy duty dock, elevated road way, and a masonry structure under corrosive exposure.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1990

Pages: 499

ISBN: 9780870316203

Categories: High Performance Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-How to Make Concrete That Will be Immune to the Effects

of Freezing and Thawing, by B. Mather

-Durability of High Strength Concrete, by P.K. Mehta

-Deicer Salt Scaling Resistance of High Performance

Concrete, by R. Gagne, M. Pigeon, and P.-C. Aitcin

-Suitability of the Measurement Techniques of Oxygen

Permeability in Order to Predict Corrosion Rates of

Concrete Rebars, by C. Andrade, C. Alonso,

I. Rz-Maribona, and M. Garcia

-Freeze-Thaw Durability of Concrete Coated with Linseed

Oil, by T. Rezansoff and D. Scott

-Effects of "Second-Generation" High Range Water-

Reducers on Durability and Other Properties of Hardened

Concretes, by D. Whiting and W. Dziedzic

-Air Voids in Concrete: A Study of the Influence of

Superplasticizers by Means of Scanning Electron

Microscopy and Optical Microscopy, by R. Pleau,

M. Pigeon, R.M. Faure, and T. Sedran

-High Quality Tremie Concretes for Underwater Repairs,

by K.H. Kyayat, B.C. Gerwick, Jr., and W.T. Hester

-Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel in Concrete Exposed to

Marine and Freshwater Environments, by S. Somayaji,

D. Keeling, and R. Heidersbach

-Long Service Life of Concrete, by L.H. Tuthill

-The Freezing-and-Thawing Environment: What is Severe?,

by N.M. Vanderhors and D.J. Janssen

-Field Exposure of Concrete to Severe Natural Weathering,

by J.F. Lamond and M.K. Lee

-Freeze-Thaw Durability and Deicer Salt Scaling Resistance

of Roller Compacted Concrete Pavements, by J. Marchand,

M. Pigeon, H.L. Isabelle, and J. Boisvert

-An Overview of a New Field and Laboratory Study of the

Durability of Reinforced and Post-Tensioned Concrete

in the Marine Environment, by E.F. O'Neil, D.V. Reddy,

T.W. Bremner, W.H. Hartt, and M. Arockiasamy

-The Effects of Calcium Nitrite and Microsilica Admixtures

on Corrosion Resistance of Steel in Concrete, by N.S. Berke

and K.M. Sundberg

-Potential for Carbondation of Concrete in Canada, by

J.A. Bickley

-Involvement of Sulfur-Oxidizing Bacteria in Concrete

Deterioration, by C.F. Kulpa and C.J. Baker

-Repair Strategy and Evaluation of Materials and Methods for

Rehabilitation of Concrete Shells for Two Natural Draft Cooling

Towers, by S. Gebler, P. Nussbaum, W. Dziedzic, J. Glikin,

A. Litvin, W. Bilenki, Jr., and J. Stefanik

-Durability of a Precast Prestressed Concrete Conveyor Bridge

Structure at a Salt Mine After 17 Years of Service, by

R.W. Poston and M. Schupack

-Rehabilitation of Great Lakes Steel's Number One Dock,

by C.J. Hookham

-Deterioration and Rehabilitation of the Elevated Roadway

Bridge at Baltimore/Washington International Airport, by

A.M. Vaysburd

-Evaluation and Repair of Concrete Structuree in Urban

Environment: Case Study, by D. Bjegovic, V. Ukraincik,

and Z. Beus

-Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Masonry in a Highly Corrosive

Environment, by D.J. Akers

-Performance of Concrete in a High Chloride-Sulfate Environment,

by M. Maslehuddin, H. Saricimen, A.I. Al-Mana, and M. Shamim


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