SP-120: External Prestressing in Bridges

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External prestressing--that is, the use of unbonded prestressing tendons outside the concrete section of a structural concrete member--offers substantial economic savings and a dramatic increase in construction speed, making it an extremely attractive option for the construction of new concrete structures, particularly bridges. It is also a logical choice for the rehabilitation and strengthening of many existing structures. ACI's symposium volume, External prestressing in Bridges, provides the last word on this important technological development Based on experience in both the U.S. and Europe, the book addresses:

-The state of the art,

-Technologies for construction,

-Applications in new construction and rehabilitation,

-Testing and experimental observations,

-Analysis and design considerations.

Covering practical construction information as well as analysis and design, this is required reading for anyone involved in building bridges.


Document Details

Author: ACI ACI Committee 347

Publication Year: 1990

Pages: 464

ISBN: 9780870316180

Categories: Bridges

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

- External Prestressing: From Construction History to

Modern Technique and Technology, by M.P. Virlogeux

- External Prestressing--A State of the Art, by

A.S.G. Bruggeling

- Development of External Prestressing in Bridges--Evolution

of the Technique, by P. Jartoux and R. Lacroix

- Properties of Polyaramid Ropes and Implications for

Their Use as External Prestressing Tendons, by C.J. Burgoyne

- The Application of External Prestressing of Bridges in

Germany, by H.S. Svensson

- External Prestressing in Bridges--The Example of the

Sylans and Glacieres Viaducts (France), by P.X. Thao

- Texas SDHPT Experience with External Tendons on

Segmental Bridges, by A. Matejowsky

- Re Island Bridge External Prestressing, by G. Causse

- External Prestressing in Two-Chord Large Span Structural

Systems, by M.Ivkovic and Z. Perisic

- Strengthening of Existing Bridges (Simple and Continuous

Span) by Post- Tensioning, by F.W. Klaiber, K.F. Dunker,

and W.W. Sanders, Jr.

- Post-Tensioned Repair and Field Testing of a Prestressed

Concrete Box Beam Bridge, by A.E.N. Osborn and H.K. Preston

- Deviator Behavior and Design for Externally Post-Tensioned

Bridges, by R.J. Beaupre, L.C. Powell, J.E. Breen, and

M.E. Kreger

- Externally Prestressed Concrete Slab Bridges: Model Test

Results, by C. Menn and P. Gauvreau

- Behavior of 1/5 Scale Segmental Concrete Girders with

External and Internal Tendons, by B.G. Rabbat and K. Sowlat

- Strength and Ductility of a Three-Span Externally

Post-Tensioned Segmental Box Girder Bridge Model, by

R.J.G. MacGregor, M.E. Kreger, and J.E. Breen

- A New Methodology for the Analysis of Beams Prestressed

with External or Unbonded Tendons, by A.E. Naaman

- Ultimate Behavior of Precast Segmental Box Girders with

External Tendons, by J. Muller and Y. Gauthier

- Externally Prestressed Bridges, by J. Eibl

- Finite Element Analysis of Externally Post-Tensioned

Segmental Box Girder Construction, by M.E. Kreger,

G.L. Fenves, and K.C. El-Habr

- Computer Evaluation of the Effect of Prestressing on a Shell

tructure, by J.M. Nagele, S.C. Das, and R.M. Bakeer

- External Versus Internal Bonded Prestressing, by E. Woelfel

- Reliability Analysis of Externally Prestressed Concrete Bridge

Girders, by A.S. Nowak, A.E. Naaman, and S.-C. Ting


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