SP-119: Superplasticizers and Other Chemical Admixtures in Concrete

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Editor: V.M.Malhotra


To design and build state-of-the-art concrete structures, you need access to the latest information on materials and materials research.

Bringing together the combined expertise of the chemical admixtures, cement, and concrete industries, Superplasticizers and Other Chemical Admixtures in Concrete will provide the answers you need on these important concrete admixtures. A collection of 33 papers, this ACI publication presents the latest findings on topics such as: superplasticizers--a global review with emphasis on durability and innovative concretes; reuse of returned concrete by hydration control; superplasticizers and concrete durability; evaluation of superplasticizers in concrete; chemical admixtures in concrete platforms; superplasticized concrete containing blast furnace slag; slump control with reactive polymeric dispersant; and physiochemical characterization of superplasticizers.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1989

Pages: 665

ISBN: 9780870316173

Categories: Admixtures

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Superplasticizers: A Global Review with Emphasis on

Durability and Innovative Concretes, by V. M. Malhotra

-Reuse of Returned Concrete by Hydration Control:

Characterization of a New Concept, by F. D. Kinney

-Case Histories--The Use of Superplasticizers in Two

Extremes of Concrete Placement Difficulties, by

A. J. Hulshizer, J. J. Ucciferro, and G. E. Gray

-Properties of High-Strength Concrete with Silica Fume

Using High-Range Water Reducer of Slump Retaining

Type, by K. Mitsui, H. Kasami, Y. Yoshioka, and M. Kinoshita

-Chemical Characterization of Plasticizers and Superplasticizers,

by E. Ista and A. Verhasselt

-Physiochemical Characterization of Superplasticizers, by

J. Khorami and P. C. Aitcin

-Rapid Methods of Distinguishing Plasticizer from

Superplasticizer and assessing Superplasticizer Dosage,

by A. Verhasselt and J. Pairon

-Relative Effects of Ca-Polystyrene Sulfonate and

Na-Sulponate-Based Superplasticizers on Properties of

Flowing Concrete {Calcium, Sodium}, by Y. Sekiguchi,

T. Okada, and T. Ukigai

-Rheological Behavior of Portland Cement in the Presence

of a Superplasticizer, by E. Hanna, K. Luke, D. Perraton,

and P. C. Aitcin

-Effect of Chemical Admixtures on the Rheology of Fresh

concrete During Vibration, by S. Kakuta and T. Kojima

-Influence of Different Sulfonated Naphthalene Polymers on

the Fluidity of Cement Paste, by F. Basile, S. Biagini, G. Ferrari,

and M. Collepardi

-Effect of Water Dispersible Polymers on the Properties of

Superplasticized Cement Paste, Mortar, and Concrete, by

J. J. Beaudoin and V. S.Ramachandran

-Slump Control with Reactive Polymeric Dispersant, by

T. Izumi, T. Mizunuma, M. Iizuka, and M. Fukuda

-Interaction of Polymer with Calcium Hydroxide and Calcium

Trisilicate, by S. Chandra and P. Flodin

-Effect of Retempering with Superplasticizers on Properties

of Fresh and Hardened Concrete Mixed at Higher Ambient

Temperatures,by M. A. Samarai, V. Ramakrishnan, and

V. M. Malhotra

-Air-Void Characteristics and Freezing and Thawing

Resistance of Superplasticized Air-Entrained Concrete with

High Workability, by E. Siebel

-Development of Admixtures for Highly Durable Concrete,

by Y. Ohama, K. Demura, Y. Satoh, K. Tachibana, and Y. Miyazaki

-A Model for Deicer Scaling Resistance of Field Concretes

Containing High-Range Water Reducers, by D. Whiting and

J. Schmitt

-Superplasticizers and Concrete Durability, by R. N. Swamy

Use of Concrete Admixtures to Provide Long-Term Durability

from Steel Corrosion, by N. S. Berke and L. R. Roberts;

-Effect of Alkali Sulfate on the Rheological Behavior of Cement

Paste Containing a Superplasticizer, by T. Nawa, H. Eguchi,

and Y. Fukaya

-Optimization of Superplasticizers Type and Dosage in Fly Ash

and Silica Fume Concretes, by M. Collepardi, S. Monosi, and

M. Valente

-A Study on Superplasticized Concrete Containing High Volumes

of Blast-Furnace Slag, by S. Nishibayashi, A. Yoshino,

S. Hideshima, M. Takada, and T. Chikada

-Combined Effect of Superplasticizer and Acrylic Latex in

Cement Mortars with and without Silica Fume, by C. Atzeni,

G. Mantegazza, L. Massidda, and U. Sanna

-Construction of a Dry Dock Using Tremie Superplasticized

Concrete, By M. Collepardi, R. Khurana, and M. Valente

-Effects of Chemical Admixtures on Colloidal Underwater

Concrete, by M. Kawakami, S. Wada, and K. Suzukawa

-Use of Chemical Admixtures in Concrete Platforms, by

H. Ronneberg

-A Year-Round Accelerating Admixture, by J. W. Brook and

R. J. Ryan

-New Developments in Superplasticizers for Lightweight

concrete, by M. Berra, G. Ferrara, G. Mantegazza, and A. Sereni

-Effect of Superplasticizer and Viscosity-Increasing Admixture

on Properties of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete, by T. Kawai

and T. Okada

-Field Trials of Superplasticized grout at AECL's Underground

Research Laboratory, by M. N. Gray and L. D. Keil

-Evaluation of Superplasticizers in Concrete, by P. K. Mukherjee

-Adsorption Studies of 35-S-Labelled Superplasticizer in

Cement-Based Grout {superior-35}, by M. N. Onofrei and

M. N. Gray


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