SP-112: Nondestructive Testing of Concrete

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Nondestructive Testing of Concrete has been especially prepared to present, examine, and promote the use of nondestructive testing techniques in concrete construction. Providing the latest information on the development and applications of nondestructive testing techniques, this collection of 11 papers will be of interest to anyone working in the field of concrete.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1989

Pages: 221

ISBN: 9780870316104

Categories: Nondestructive Evaluation

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Laboratory and Field Studies of the Impact-Echo Method

for Flaw Detection in Concrete, by M. Sansalone and

N. J. Carino

-Developments in Ultrasonic Pitch-Catch and Pulse-Echo

for Measurements in Concrete, by A. M. Alexander and

H. T. Thorton, Jr.

-Evaluation of Concrete Constituents Using Photon Radiation,

by M. A. Taylor

-Diagnostics of Cracks in Concrete Based on Acoustic

Emission, by M. Ohtsu

-Application of Acoustic Emission and Laser Holography

to Study Microfracture in Concrete, by A. K. Maji and S. P. Shah

-Comparative Evaluation of Nondestructive Test Methods

for In-Place Strength Determination, by C. H. Yun, K. R. Choi,

S. Y. Kim, and Y. C. Song

-The Use of Simultaneous Nondestructive Tests to Predict the

Compressive Strength of Concrete, by G. V. Teodoru

-Nondestructive Testing Use in Evaluating the Form Removal

Time for a Large Diameter Tunnel Concrete Lining, by

T. R. Harrell

-A Statistical Study of the Correlation Between Field Penetration

Strength and Field Cylinder Strength, by C. J. Turkstra,

P. Zoltanetzky, Jr., H. P. Lim, and C. Gordon

-Early Concrete Strength Determination by Maturity, by

T. J. Parsons

-Pullout Test, Maturity, and PC Spreadsheet Software, by

R. L. Dilly and W. L. Vogt


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