SP-109: Concrete in Marine Environment

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Editor: V.M.Malhotra


The book offers information on a variety of subjects such as: The durability of concrete containing supplementary cementing materials; the durability and corrosion of reinforced concrete subjected to a marine environment; and the repair, design and construction of concrete structures in a marine environment. Whether you are building a new concrete structure in marine environment, or repairing an old one--as an engineer you need the wealth of information contained within the 32 papers presented in this important symposium volume.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee E701

Publication Year: 1988

Pages: 748

ISBN: 9780870316074

Categories: Marine Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

- Durability of Concrete Exposed to Marine Environment--

A Fresh Look,by P. K. Metha

- Current Status of CANMET's Studies on the Durability of

Concrete Containing Supplementary Cementing Materials

in Marine Environment, by V. M. Malhotra, G. G. Carette,

and T. W. Bremner

- Thermal and Durability Considerations for Composite Steel/

Concrete Sandwich Structures, by B. C. Gerwick, Jr. and

D. Berner;

- A Field Study of the Corrosion Behavior on Dynamically

Loaded Marine Concrete Structures, by B. Espelid and

N. Nilson

- The Assessment of Corrosion of the Reinforcement in

Marine Concrete by Electrochemical and Other Methods,

by J. V. Sharp, J. W. Figg, and M. B. Leeming

- Behavior of Concrete Beams and Columns in Marine

Environment When Corrosion of Reinforcing Bars Takes

Place, by T. Uomoto and S. Misra

- Durability of Steel Reinforcement in Marine Environment, by

R. N. Swamy, S. Koyama, T. Arai, and N. Mikami

- Control of Rust Damage of Reinforced Concrete in a

Corrosive Environment, by N. Saeki, Y. Fujita, N. Takada,

and T. Ohta

- Effect of Surface Coatings on the Durability of Concrete

Exposed to Marine Environment, by T. Oshiro and S. Tanigawa

- Deterioration and Rehabilitation of Berth Faces in Tidal Zones

at the Port of Saint John, by P. Gilbride, D. R. Morgan, and

T. W. Bremner;

- Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Jackets for Repairing Concrete

Piles, by J. Khanna, P. Gilbride, and R. Whitcomb

- An Experimental Study on Deterioration and Repairing of a

Marine Concrete Structure, by Y. Takagishi, H. Ichikawa,

H. Tabuchi, and A. Moriwake

- Investigations of Distress in Precast Concrete Piles at Rodney

Terminal, Saint John, New Brunswick, by J. Khanna, P.

Seabrook, B. Gerwick, Jr., and J. Bickley

- Evaluation and Repair of Concrete Navigation Structures,

by J. E. McDonald and T. C. Liu

- Durability Performance of Slender Reinforced Coastal

Defense Units, by S. G. Millard

- Durability of Normal and Lightweight Prestressed Concrete

Beams in Marine Environment by J. L. Trinh and L. Lemoine

- Quality and Cover Thickness of Concrete Based on the

Estimation of Chloride Penetration in Marine Environments,

by K. Takewaka and S. Mastumoto

- Development of a Test Method to Determine the Resistance

of Concrete to Ice Abrasion and/ or Impact, by A. M. Nawwar

and V. M. Malhotra

- Resistance of Concrete to Ice Abrasion--A Review, by

G. C. Hoff

- Design and Behavior of Composite Ice-Resisting Walls,by

P. F. Adams, T. J. E. Zimmerman, and J. G. MacGregor

- The Effect of Admixtures on the Durability of Concrete in an

Undersea Environment, by S. Nishibayashi, S. Hideshima,

S. Negami, and M. Takada

- Mix Design and Strength Data for Concrete Platforms in the

North Sea, by A. K. Haug and M. Sandvik

- Influence of a Marine Environment on Flexural Fatigue

Properties of a Ferrocement, by G. Singh and L. Ip

- Fatigue Characteristics of Reinforced Concrete in Water,

by S. Nishibayashi, S. Inoue, and K. Yamura

- Site and Laboratory Evaluation of Repairs to Marine Concrete

Structures and Maintenance Methodologies--Two Case Studies,

by H. Roper, J. L. Heiman, and D. Baweja

- Sixty-Year-Old Concrete in a Marine Environment, by

S. Ozaki and N. Sugata

- Long-Time Creep and Expansion Behavior of Concrete in a

Marine Environment by J. Mijnsbergen and H. W. Reinhardt

- Pumping of Lightweight Concrete Using Non-Presoaked

Lightweight Aggregate, by T. Yonezawa, Y. Yoshioka,

T. Iwashimizu, K. Nanjo, S. Yoneda, K. Sakaue, and T. Nakase

- Vancouver's Floating Concrete Heliport, by T. W. R. Taylor

and H. R. Woodhead

- Carbonation of Marine Structural Lightweight Concretes,

by T. A. Holm, T. W. Bremner, and A. Vaysburd

- Design Considerations, Construction, and Performance of an

Extensive Sea Water Conveyance System, by A. J. Hulshizer

and A. Kodal

- Construction and Durability Considerations for King Fahd

Causeway--A Case Study, by A. R. Al-Rabiah, R. Baggot,

and Rasheeduzzafar


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