SP-104: Lewis H. Tuthill International Symposium: Concrete and Concrete Construction

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Editor: Grant T. Halvorsen


This ACI volume provides engineers, contractors, and architects insight into the problems and solutions associated with high quality concrete construction. The infrastructure can not be built too well, and what little extra it may take to build in that extra assured quality is an investment of high return. Quality is often talked about--but follow through is often lacking. Concrete and Concrete Construction, a collection of 16 papers, explores in detail the various steps involved in assuring the best possible results. Topics covered include: improving concrete quality with silica fume, design for strength variability, how to obtain quality concrete, under water concreting, curing of concrete, effects of construction practice on concrete-steel bond, and consolidation of concrete. In addition, subjects such as controlling concrete during hot and cold weather, and code requirements for crack control are covered extensively.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1987

Pages: 350

ISBN: 9780870316036

Categories: Concrete Technology

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Design for Strength Variability: Testing and Effects on

Cracking in RCC and Conventional Concretes, by

E. K. Schrader

-Effects of Construction Practice on Concrete-Steel Bond,

by D. Darwin

-Quality Concrete: How Does the Owner Obtain It? By

B. E. Weinberg

-Superplasticizers, Pozzolans, and Granulated Blast-Furnace

Slags in Concretes: A Review, by V. M. Malhotra

-Bonding Agent in Polyester Polymer Concrete,

by C. Vipulanandan and N. Dharmarajan

-Improving Concrete Quality with Silica Fume, by T. C. Holland

and M. D. Luther

-Underwater Concreting: Advancing the State of the Art for

Structural Tremie Concrete, by B. C. Gerwick, Jr., and

T. C. Holland

-Curing of Concrete, by B. Mather

-Development of High-Strength Concrete Technology and

Application in Norway, by M. Maage

-Consolidation of Concrete, G. R. Mass

-Durability of Concrete with Multi-Component Binder, by

W. B. Bulter

-Serial Correlation in Concrete Strength Records, L. R. Taerwe

-Controlling Concrete During Hot and Cold Weather, by

J. M. Scanlon

-Quality Concrete Production for the California State Water

Project, by J. H. Lawder and R. F. Adams

-Code Requirements for Crack Control, by G. T. Halvorsen

-Maintaining Your Structure with Cathode Protection, by

R. F. Stratfull


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