SP-103: Anchorage to Concrete

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Designers and contractors will find the knowledge contained in Anchorage to Concrete invaluable for choosing the proper anchors for specific applications. A compilation of 15 symposium papers, this ACI publication will explore the various problems, and give insight into the latest solutions in this often neglected aspect of concrete construction. Presenting the various anchorage system alternatives, this state-of-the-art publication includes such topics as: anchor bolts in reinforced concrete foundations, dowels for anchoring new concrete facing to existing lock walls, strength and behavior of single cast-in-place anchor bolts subject to tension, headed studs, theoretical considerations on loadbearing behavior of expansion anchors, and transverse load capacity of multi-dowel anchorages in concrete.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1987

Pages: 322

ISBN: 9780870316029

Categories: Anchors

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

- Dowels for Anchoring New Concrete Facing to Existing

Lock Walls, by T. Liu and T. Holland

- Friction Connection of Precast Concrete Construction,

by C. Lin

- Anchor Bolts in Reinforced Concrete Foundations, by

L. Elfgren, C. Broms, K. Cederwall, and K. Gylltoft

- Headed Studs--Embedded in Concrete and Loaded in

Tension, by H. Bode and K. Roik

- Wedge-Type Expansion Performance in Tension, by

F. Schwarz

-Survivability of Concrete Anchorage in Vibration Environments,

by R. Guthrie, R. Funk, and E. Burdette

-Plate Flexibility Effects on Loading of Concrete Expansion

Anchors, by L. Noble, M. Meyer, and G. Koci

- Tests of Undercut Anchors, by E. Burdette, T. Perry, and R. Funk

- Load Capacity of Unheaded Bolts in Concrete and Influence

of Welding,by E. Cziesielski and M. Friedmann

- Anchorage to Concrete by Metallic Expansion Anchors, by

R. Eligehausen

- Strength and Behavior of Single Cast-in-Place Anchor Bolts

Subject to Tension, by G. Hasselwander, J. Jirsa, and J. Breen

- Strength in Shear and Tension of Cast-in-Place Anchor Bolts,

by N. Hawkins

- Theoretical Considerations on Loadbearing Behavior of

Expansion Anchors, by U. Wagner-Grey

- Transverse Load Capacity of Multi-Dowel Anchorages in

Concrete, by J. Potyondy

- Load Relaxation Tests, by E. Burdette, T. Perry, and R. Funk


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