Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings


Published by McGraw-Hill Professional

Author: Jack Moehle


Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings provides comprehensive coverage of the behavior, design and construction requirements for earthquake-resistant concrete buildings. This book will fill a gap in the available literature on seismic design and will be the go-to reference for graduate engineering students and practicing engineers alike.This text will address design requirements, performance assessment, behavior of structural materials and discussion of analysis, design, detailing and construction applications. The book is designed as a textbook for graduate-level students and will include a complete set of worksheets. The book will also be useful for practicing engineers and will function as a reference guide for structural and geotechnical engineers, both in the United States and abroad.


Covers key topics in seismic design, from performance considerations, through structural materials, components and systems.

Includes analysis, design, detailing and construction aspects

Discusses design requirements and code applications

Includes a complete set of worksheets to accompany lectures

Readers will:

Understand building seismic performance objectives and be able to apply engineering analysis/design tools to achieve them

Understand behavior of structural materials and design requirements for structural systems

Assess performance of proposed or existing building construction


Document Details

Author: Jack Moehle

Publication Year: 2014

Pages: 760

ISBN: 9780071839440

Categories: Design

Formats: Adobe Digital

Table of Contents

1. Seismic Design and Performance Verification

2. Steel Reinforcement

3. Concrete

4. Confined Concrete

5. Axially Loaded Members

6. Moment and Axial Force

7. Shear in Beams, Columns and Walls

8. Development and Anchorage

9. Beam-Column Connections

10. Slab-Column and Slab-Wall Connections

11. Seismic Design Overview

12. Special Moment Frames

13. Special Structural Walls

14. Gravity Framing

15. Diaphragms and Collectors

16. Foundations


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