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Professors’ Resources for ACI/ASCC Contractor’s Guide to Quality Concrete Construction (4th Edition)

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The professor resources were compiled to support the use of MNL-5(19): Contractor's Guide to Quality Concrete Construction, 4th Edition in the classroom.

These instructional materials provide 12 weeks of course content suitable to use when assembling your course syllabus. Course content is broken into five modules which organize all the chapter content from the Contractor’s Guide. Each weekly lesson plan includes learning objectives, PowerPoint slides available in main sections and broken out by individual topics, in-class activity resources, Kahoot game (online quiz), quiz files, review questions, discussion topics, and additional resources. All supplemental videos for each weekly lesson are available on YouTube.


Document Details

Author: Ceki Halmen, Tumer Akakin

Publication Year: 2023


Categories: Construction Practices

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


1. Explain the role of concrete ingredients in final product for material performance.

2. Explain the value of foundations and formwork in the stability and safety of a building.

3. Identify various types of detailing work and their requirements.

4. Evaluate concreting plans by determining their suitability to given conditions.

5. Develop a quality and safety plan to mitigate common field problems.


Module 1: Concrete Mixture (ingredients, mixture design, quality, specification)

Week 1: Chapter 2—The Concrete Mixture

Week 2: Chapter 3—The Concrete Specification

Module 2: Foundations and Formwork

Week 3: Chapter 4—Foundations

Week 4: Chapter 5—Formwork

Module 3: Detailing

Week 5: Chapter 6—Reinforcement in Structures

Week 6: Chapter 7—Joints and Embedments in Structures

Week 7: Chapter 8—Joints and Reinforcement for Slabs-on-Ground

Module 4: Concrete Construction

Week 8: Chapter 10—Preparing for Concreting

Week 9: Chapter 11—Concrete Placement and Finishing

Module 5: Quality and Safety

Week 10: Chapter 1—Safety

Week 11: Chapter 9—Planning for Quality

Week 12: Chapter 12—Common field problems – Cause and Prevention


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