ICJCRR: Repair and Rehabilitation: A Compilation from The Indian Concrete Journal

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Published by: Research & Consultancies Directorate


This compilation includes 44 repair and rehabilitation technical papers published in The Indian Concrete Journal (ICJ) during the past decade. The papers are divided into three categories:

- General Topics in Repair and Rehabilitation;

- Materials, Techniques, and Specifications; and

- Case Studies

Most of the case studies by Indian engineers pertain to repair works carried out in India; nearly a third of the papers were contributed by experts from the western hemisphere. This international exchange of repair and rehabilitation information includes methods for minimizing cracking; surface preparation for patching, sealing, and coating concrete; repair of environmental concrete structures; and strengthening chemically deteriorated concrete structures. The information is useful to owners, engineers, architects, contractors, and materials manufacturers.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2017

Pages: 230


Categories: Repair

Formats: Printed Document

Table of Contents

General Topics in Repair and Rehabilitation

1. Visible and invisible problems of concrete repair

A.M. Asbury and P.H. Emmons

2. Repair and rehabilitation of structures - Some random thoughts

L. Czarnecki, A.M. Vaysburd, N.P. Mailvaganam, P.H. Emmons and

J.E. McDonald

3. Minimizing cracking - The key to durable concrete repairs

A.M. Vaysburd, P.H. Emmons, and G.M. Sabnis

4. Procedural sequence in the repair of buildings

N.P. Mailvaganam and T. Alexander

5. Interfacial bond and surface preparation in concrete repair

A.M. Vaysburd, G.M. Sabnis and K. Nam Shiu

6. A systematic approach to extending service life of parking structures

S. Bhuyan, G.M. Sabnis and K. Nam Shiu

7. ACI committee 364 on rehabilitation: Past, present and future

D. Kaminetsky, G.M.Sabnis and A.C. Shroff

8. Seismic strengthening of existing reinforced concrete buildings

S.K. Jain

9. Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) tubes for pile/column applications

S.L. Iyer

10. Structural retrofit and strengthening using advanced composite materials

S. Savardekar, R. Jamaji and Y. Chhabra

11. Uncertainty in concrete repair and restoration (Point of View)

N.P. Mailvaganam

Materials, Techniques and Specifications

1. Durability of polymer-based materials in concrete structures

N.P. Mailvaganam

2. Application of vacuum technology to restore concrete structures

Jerry L. Boyd, G.M. Sabnis and Josua A. Boyd

3. Modern trends in repair mortars

A. Gooch, M.H. Decter and A. Deykin

4. Using cathodic protection technique in China

Dajun, Ding and Dinghai, Hong

5. Rehabilitation of structures - criteria for materials selection

S. Surlaker

6. Epoxy Resins in civil engineering and construction

B. Singh, M. Gupta and Dr L.K. Aggarwal

7. Effects of workmanship factors on traffic deck waterproofing coating


N.P. Mailvaganam and P.G. Collins

8. Planning provision for preventative maintenance and preparation

effective repairs

R.N. Raikar

9. Epoxy-phenolic IPN coating for concrete and reinforcing steel

L.K. Aggarwal, K.K. Asthana and R. Lakhani

10. Asphalt road repairs with a rapid repair material

S.A. Ranade and A.J. Tongaonkar

11. Polymer-modified concrete/mortars for repair and rehabilitation works

S.K. Manjrekar

12. Role of construction chemicals in ensuring durability of concrete


R. Shridhar and Y.P. Kapoor

13. Surface preparation for application of patch repairs, sealers and

coatings - Indian approach

B.V. Bhedasgoankar

14. Coating repair specifications - revisited

L. Haboubi and M.N. Ramish

15. An expert system for diagnosing causes and repair of defects in RC


S. Rajeev and J. Rajesh

Case Studies

1. Rehabilitation of transit structures: Old problems and innovative solutions

M. Nagaraja and G.M. Sabnis

2. Cracking and repair of environmental concrete structures

D. Kaminetsky

3. Rehabilitation of balanced cantilever bridges

P.Y. Manjure

4. Role of construction chemicals in effective restoration of structure - Case


M.S. Venkatesh and P.S. Reddy

5. Repairs of beams and slab with excessive deflection

B.V. Bhedasgaonkar and M.K. Wadekar

6. Case study of the repair of a major bridge and some thoughts on repair


S.K. Manjrekar

7. Repair of Hirakud dam: A case study

S.N. Ghosh and B. Das

8. Repair of RC structures in cement plants - A case study

B.V. Bhedasgaonkar

9. Strengthening measures for a 80-m high co-boiler RC chimney stack

S.C. Chakrabarti, S.Kr. Agrawal, M.P. Rajamane, M. Neelamegam and

K. Balasubramanian

10. Strengthening of a massive concrete foundation block of diesel

generating set

V.S. Parameswaran, N.P. Rajamane, M. Neelamega and

K. Balasubramanian

11. Strengthening chemically-deteriorated concrete structures

R.G. Limaye, M.K. Kamat and S. Hotta

12. Restoring a 100-year old building in Mumbai

C.R. Raikar

13. Repairs to joints

B.V. Bhedasgaonkar

14. Rehabilitation of an old building: Case study

R.K. Dahisaria, and R. Jagadish

15. Rehabilitation of structurally damaged and corrosion-affected structures

using polymer systems

B.V. Bhedasgaonkar and M.K. Kamat

16. Protective coating for the second Thane Creek bridge superstructure

S.K. Bhugra

17. Restoration of hammer foundations in forging industry - A case study

G.D. Shanbag, P.G. Gokhale, and B.V. Bhedasgoankar

18. Use of polymer and inorganic chemical grouts in the rehabilitation of


S.K. Manjrekar


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