CP-91 Concrete Quality Technical Manager Reference Package

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A complete set of resources to support the ACI Concrete Quality Technical Manager certification program in 3-ring binder format. Includes program information and reprints of ACI technical resource materials covered by the program. These materials are valued at over $700.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2016

Formats: Printed Document

Table of Contents

117-10: Standard Specifications for Tolerances for Concrete Construction and Materials

121R-08: Guide for Concrete Construction Quality Systems in Conformance with ISO 9001

201.2R-08: Guide to Durable Concrete

211.1-91: Standard Practice for Selecting Proportions for Normal, Heavyweight, and Mass Concrete

211.3R-02: Guide for Selecting Proportions for No-Slump Concrete

211.4R-08: Guide for Selecting Proportions for High-Strength Concrete Using Portland Cement and Other Cementitious Materials

211.5R-01: Guide for Submittal of Concrete Proportions

212.3R-10: Report on Chemical Admixtures for Concrete

213R-03: Guide for Structural Lightweight-Aggregate Concrete

214R-11: Guide to the Evaluation of Strength Test Results of Concrete

214.4R-10: Guide for Obtaining Cores and Interpreting Compressive Strength Results

221R-96: Guide for Use of Normal Weight and Heavyweight Aggregates in Concrete

225R-99: Guide to the Selection and Use of Hydraulic Cements

229R-99: Controlled Low-Strength Materials

232.2R-03: Use of Fly Ash in Concrete

233R-03: Slag Cement in Concrete and Mortar

234R-06: Guide for the Use of Silica Fume in Concrete

237R-07: Self-Consolidating Concrete

301-10: Specification for Structural Concrete for Buildings

318-11: Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete (selected sections)

522R-10: Report on Pervious Concrete


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