ACI PRC-549.3-09 Report on Glass Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Premix (Reapproved 2017)

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Glass fiber-reinforced concrete premix technology is becoming increasingly popular worldwide for manufacture of precast concrete products used in industrial, architectural, civil engineering, and construction applications. Glass fiber-reinforced concrete premix products provide a useful balance of properties such as strength, toughness, durability, moisture resistance, dimensional stability, fire resistance, and aesthetics. This report summarizes the current knowledge of materials, manufacturing methods, engineering properties, and applications of glass fiber-reinforced concrete premix.

Keywords: cement-based composites; cement boards; cement panels; composite materials; concrete panels; ductility; durability; engineering properties; fiber-reinforced cement-based materials; ferrocement; fibers; flexural strength; glass fiber-reinforced concrete; glass fibers; manufacturing methods; mesh reinforcement; premix; toughness.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 549

Publication Year: 2009

Pages: 24

ISBN: 9780870313547

Categories: Ferrocement

Formats: PDF

This document is Historical

Table of Contents

Chapter 1—Introduction and scope



Chapter 2—Notation, definitions, and acronyms




Chapter 3—Materials and mixture proportions of glass fiber-reinforced concrete premix

3.1—Types of premix

3.2—Typical mixture ingredients

3.3—Typical mixture proportions

Chapter 4—Properties of glass fiber-reinforced concrete premix

4.1—Influence of fiber content

4.2—Influence of fiber length

4.3—Influence of fiber orientation

4.4—Influence of fiber geometry

4.5—Influence of chopped fibers with reinforcing scrim

4.6—Influence of mixture proportions and mixture ingredients

4.7—Durability of glass fiber-reinforced concrete premix

Chapter 5—Manufacturing processes for glass fiber-reinforced concrete premix

5.1—Cast premix process

5.2—Spray premix process

5.3—Press-molded premix process

5.4—Pultruded premix process

5.5—Extruded premix process

5.6—Types of equipment

5.7—Quality control considerations

Chapter 6—Applications of glass fiber-reinforced concrete premix

6.1—Architectural products

6.2—Industrial products

6.3—Civil engineering products

6.4—Landscaping products

6.5—Surface bonding



6.8—Glass fiber-reinforced concrete bagged products

Chapter 7—Summary

Chapter 8—References

8.1—Referenced standards and reports

8.2—Cited references


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