523.4R-09 Guide for Design and Construction with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panels

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This guide is intended for use by architects, engineers, contractors, building officials, and manufacturers. Its purpose is to present, in a single source, information that can help those individuals design, specify, and construct with factory-reinforced panels of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC). In this guide, introductory information on AAC is first presented, followed by a description of its manufacture, guidance on structural design using reinforced panels, and guidance on construction with such panels. The body of this guide ends with an extensive background chapter on the material characteristics of AAC, and the structural behavior and design of AAC elements.

Keywords: autoclaved aerated concrete; construction; design; panels; reinforced panels.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 523

Publication Year: 2009

Pages: 81

ISBN: 9780870313325

Categories: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Formats: PDF

This document is Historical

Table of Contents

Chapter 1—Introduction

1.1—Definition of autoclaved aerated concrete

1.2—Typical mechanical and thermal characteristics of AAC

1.3—Historical background of AAC

1.4—Applications of AAC panels

1.5—Scope and objectives

Chapter 2—Notations and definitions



Chapter 3—Typical materials and manufacture of AAC

3.1—Materials used in AAC

3.2—Manufacture of AAC

3.3—Typical dimensions of AAC units

3.4—Dimensional tolerances

3.5—Identification and marking of AAC units

Chapter 4—Structural design of reinforced AAC panels

4.1—Introductory remarks regarding design provisions

4.2—Proposed design provisions for reinforced AAC panels

Chapter 5—Handling, erection, and construction with AAC panels

5.1—Handling of AAC panels

5.2—Erection of AAC wall panels

5.3—Erection of AAC floor and roof panels

5.4—Electrical and plumbing installations in AAC

5.5—Exterior finishes for AAC

5.6—Interior finishes for AAC panels

Chapter 6—Typical construction details for AAC panels

6.1—Cladding wall panel systems

6.2—Load-bearing vertical wall panel systems

6.3—Floor and roof details

Chapter 7—Technical justification for proposed design provisions

7.1—Key mechanical characteristics of AAC

7.2—Bond strength between factory-installed wire reinforcement and AAC

7.3—Flexural design of AAC beam elements

7.4—Control of deflections

7.5—Shear design of AAC beam elements

7.6—Shear design of AAC shear walls

7.7—Special provisions to avoid longitudinal cracking at locations of vertical reinforcement

7.8—Design of AAC diaphragms

7.9—Strength-reduction factors

Chapter 8—References

8.1—Referenced standards and reports

8.2—Cited references

Appendix A—Proposed design provisions

Appendix B—Commentary on proposed design provisions

Appendix C—Design examples

Example 1: Design of an AAC floor panel

Example 2: Design of an AAC shear wall

Example 3: Design of an AAC diaphragm

Example 4: Design of load-bearing vertical wall panel


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