ACI PRC-503.5-92: Guide for the Selection of Polymer Adhesives in Concrete (Reapproved 2003)

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This guide provides the engineer, contractor, and architect with a description of the various types of polymer adhesives (epoxy, polyster, acrylic, polyurethane, polysulfide, silicone, vinyl acetate, and styrene butadiene) most frequently used for adhesive bonding of fresh concrete to cured concrete, repair of cracks in concrete, bonding concrete to other materials, and adhesive grouting of bolts and other inserts into concrete. The guide emphasizes the factors that should be considered when selecting a structural adhesive, including characteristics during installation and in service. The benefits and limitations of adhesive bonding are discussed for each application.

Keyword: acrylic resins, adhesives; bolts; bonding; epoxy resins; fire resistance; fresh concretes; grouting; latex; loads (forces); methacrylate; plastics; polymers; resins; polyester; polysulfide; polyurethane; repairs; sealing; serviceability; silicone resins; syrene-butadiene resins; toxicity; vinyl acetate; water-borne adhesives


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 503

Publication Year: 2002

Pages: 16

ISBN: 9780870313806

Categories: Polymer Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: General

1.1- Organization of the Guide

1.2- Caution

1.3- Advantages/disadvantages of adhesive bonding

1.4- Glossary of terms

Chapter 2: Solvent-free adhesives

2.1-Application characteristics

2.2-Properties during cure

2.3-Properties of cured adhesive

2.4-Distinguishing characteristics

Chapter 3: Water-borne adhesives (latex and latex power adhesives)

3.1-Application characteristics

3.2-Properties of cured adhesive

3.3-Distinguishing characteristics

Chapter 4: Adhesive selection criteria

4.1-Type and magnitude of loads

4.2-Conditions during application

Chapter 5: Adhesive for bonding of hardened concrete to hardened concrete

5.1- Important application characteristics

5.2- Important bond-strength considerations

Chapter 6: Adhesives for bonding of plastic concrete to hardened concrete

6.1-Important application characteristics

6.3-Important bond-strength considerations

Chapter 7: Adhesives for repair of cracks in concrete

7.1-Important application characteristics

7.2-Important strength considerations

Chapter 8: Adhesives for bonding inserts into concrete

8.1-Important application characteristics

8.2-Important strength considerations

Chapter 9: Adhesives for bonding concrete and other materials

9.1-Important application characteristics

Chapter 10: Quick reference guide

Chapter 11: References

11.1-Specified and/or recommended references

11.2-Cited references

11.3-Addtional references


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