ACI PRC-446.3-97: Finite Element Analysis of Fracture in Concrete Structures

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Fracture is an important mode of deformation and damage in both plain and reinforced concrete structures. To accurately predict fracture behavior, it is often necessary to use finite element analysis. This report describes the finite element analysis of fracture in concrete. The two dominant techniques used in finite element modeling of fracture, the discrete and the smeared approaches, are described. Examples of finite element analysis of cracking and fractureof plain and reinforced concrete structures are summarized. While almost all concrerte structures crack, some structures are fracture sensitive, while others are not. Therefore, in some instances it is necessary to use a consistent and accurate fracture model in the finite element analysis of a structure. For most general and predictive finite element analyses, it is desirable to allow cracking to be represented using both the discrete and the smeared approaches.

Keywords: concrete; crack; cracking; damage; discrete cracking; finite element analysis; fracture; fracture mechanics; reinforced concrete; size effect; smeared cracking; structures.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 446

Publication Year: 2002

Pages: 33

ISBN: 9780870315237

Categories: Finite Element Analysis

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

1.1 Background

1.2 Scope of report

Chapter 2 - Discrete crack models

2.1 Historical Background

2.2 Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics (LEFM)

2.3 Fictitious Crack Model (FCM)

2.4 Automatic remeshing algorithms

Chapter 3 - Smeared crack models

3.1 Reasons for using smeared crack models

3.2 Localization limiters

Chapter 4 - Literature review of FEM fracture mechanics analyses

4.1 General

4.2 Plain concrete

4.3 Reinforced concrete

4.4 Closure

Chapter 5 - Conclusions

5.1 General summary

5.2 Future work

Chapter 6 - References

Appendix - Glossary


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