373R-97: Design and Construction of Circular Prestressed Concrete Structures with Circumferential Tendons(Reapp 2010)

373R-97: Design and Construction of Circular Prestressed Concrete Structures with Circumferential Tendons(Reapp 2010)

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**"WITHDRAWN DOCUMENT - This document has been discontinued by ACI and is available for informational purposes only.


This report provides recommendations for the design and construction of circular prestressed concrete structures (commonly referred to as "tanks") post-tensioned with circumferential tendons. These thin cylindrical shells of either cast-in-place or precast concrete are commonly used for liquid and bulk storage. Vertical post-tensioning is often incorporated in the walls as part of the vertical reinforcement. Recommendations are applicable to circumferential prestressing achieved by post-tensioning tendons placed within the wall or on the exterior surface the walll. Procedures to prevent corrosion of the prestressing elements are emphasized. The design and construction of dome roofs are also covered.

Keywords: circumferential prestressing; concrete; corrosion resistance; domes; floors; footings; joints; loads (forces); prestressed concrete; prestressed

reinforcement; reinforcing steel; roofs; shotcrete; shrinkage; tanks; temperature; tendons; walls.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 373

Publication Year: 2017

Pages: 26

ISBN: 9780870314650

Categories: Tanks

Formats: PDF

This document is Withdrawn

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 -- General

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Objective

1.3 Scope

1.4 History and Development

1.5 Definitions

1.6 Notation

Chapter 2 -- Materials

2.1 Concrete

2.2 Shotcrete and filler materials

2.3 Admixtures

2.4 Grout for bonded tendons

2.5 Reinforcement

2.6 Tendon systems of tank wall and domes

2.7 Waterstop, bearing pad

2.8 Epoxy injection

2.9 Epoxy adhesives

2.10 Coatings for outer surfaces

Chapter 3 -- Design

3.1 Strength and serviceability

3.2 Floor and footing design

3.3 Wall design

3.4 Roof design

Chapter 4 -- Construction procedures

4.1 Concrete

4.2 Shotcrete

4.3 Forming

4.4 Nonprestressed steel reinforcement

4.5 Prestressing tendons

4.6 Tolerances

4.7 Seismic cables

4.8 Waterstops and sealants

4.9 Elastromeric bearing pads

4.10 Sponge rubber Fillers

4.11 Cleaning and disinfection

Chapter 5 -- Acceptance criteria for liquid-tightness of tanks

5.1 Testing

5.2 Acceptance criteria

5.3 Visual criteria

5.4 Repairs and retesting

Chapter 6 -- References

6.1 Recommended references

6.2 Cited references


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