232.2R-03: Use of Fly Ash in Concrete

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This report gives an overview of the origin and properties of fly ash, its effect on the properties of hydraulic cement concrete, and the proper selection and use of fly ash in the production of hydraulic cement concrete and concrete products. Information and recommendations concerning the selection and use of Class C and Class F fly ashes generally conforming to the requirements of ASTM C 618 are provided. Topics covered include a detailed description of the composition of fly ash, the physical and chemical effects of fly ash on properties of concrete, guidance on the handling and use of fly ash in concrete construction, use of fly ash in the production of concrete products and specialty concrete, and the recommended procedures for quality control. Relevant documents of standards-making bodies referred to in this document are cited and listed.

Keywords: abrasion resistance; admixture; alkali-aggregate reaction; concrete pavement; controlled low-strength material; drying shrinkage; durability; efflorescence; fineness; fly ash; hydraulic cement; mass concrete; mixture proportion; pozzolan; precast concrete; quality control; reinforced concrete; roller-compacted concrete; soil cement; strength; sulfate resistance; workability.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 232

Publication Year: 2004

Pages: 41

ISBN: 9780870311376

Categories: Fly Ash

Formats: PDF

This document is Historical

Table of Contents

Chapter 1--General


1.2--Source of fly ash

Chapter 2--Fly ash composition


2.2--Chemical composition

2.3--Crystalline composition

2.4--Glassy constituents

2.5--Physical properties

2.6--Chemical activity of fly ash in hydraulic cement concrete

2.7--Future research needs

Chapter 3--Effects of fly ash on concrete

3.1--Effects on properties of fresh concrete

3.2--Effects on properties of hardened concrete

Chapter 4--Concrete mixture proportioning


4.2--Considerations in mixture proportioning

Chapter 5--Fly ash specifications, test methods, and quality assurance/control


5.2--Chemical requirements

5.3--Physical requirements

5.4--General specification provisions

5.5--Methods of sampling and testing

5.6--Source quality control

5.7--Startup, oil and stack additives

5.8--Rapid quality control tests

Chapter 6--Fly ash in concrete construction

6.1--Ready-mixed concrete

6.2--Concrete pavement

6.3--Mass concrete

6.4--Roller-compacted concrete

6.5--Self-consolidating concrete

6.6--High-volume fly ash concrete

6.7--High-performance concrete

6.8--Bulk handling and storage


Chapter 7--Fly ash in concrete products

7.1--Concrete masonry units

7.2--Concrete pipe

7.3--Precast/prestressed concrete products

7.4--No-slump extruded hollow-core slabs

Chapter 8--Other uses of fly ash

8.1--Grouts and mortars

8.2--Controlled low-strength material

8.3--Soil cement

8.4-- Sulfur concrete


8.6--Cellular concrete


8.8--Waste management

8.9-- Cements and lime


8.11--Oil-well cementing

Chapter 9--References

9.1--Referenced standards and reports

9.2--Cited references

9.3--Other references

Appendix--Rapid quality-control tests

A.1--Loss of ignition

A.2--Carbon analysis

A.3--Material retained on 45 um (No. 325 (0.0018 in)) sieve

A.4--Air-jet sieving

A.5-- Air-permeability fineness


A.7--Density (specific gravity)

A.8--Foam-index test

A.9--Organic material

A.10--CaO content

A.11--Presence of hydrocarbons (startup oil)

A.12--Presence of ammonia (precipitator additive)


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