ACI PRC-224.3-95: Joints in Concrete Construction (Reapproved 2013)

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This report reviews the state of the art in design, construction, and maintenance of joints in concrete structures subjected to a wide variety of use and environmental conditions. In some cases, the option of eliminating joints is considered Aspects of various joint sealant materials and jointing techniques are discussed. Chapters in the report focus on various types of structures and structural elements with unique characteristics: Buildings, bridges, slabs-on-grade, tunnel linings, canal linings, precast concrete pipe, liquid-retaining structures, walls, and mass concrete.

Keywords: bridges, buildings, canal linings, canals, concrete construction, construction joints, contraction joints, design, environmental engineering concrete structures, isolation joints, joints, parking lots, pavements, runways, slabs-on-trade, tunnel linings, tunnels, walls.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 224

Publication Year: 2002

Pages: 41

ISBN: 9780870313288

Categories: Joints - Movement

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

1.1-Joints in concrete structures

1.2-Joint terminology

1.3-Movement in concrete structures

1.4-Objectives and scope

Chapter 2 - Sealant materials and jointing techniques


2.2-Required properties of joint sealants

2.3-Commercially available materials

2.4-Field-molded sealants

2.5-Accessory materials

2.6-Preformed sealants

2.7-Compression seals

2.8-Jointing practice

Chapter 3 - Buildings


3.2-Construction joints

3.3-Contraction joints

3.4-Isolation or expansion joints

Chapter 4 - Bridges


4.2-Construction joints

4.3-Bridges with expansion joints

4.4-Bridges without expansion joints

Chapter 5 - Slabs on grade


5.2-Contraction joints

5.3-Isolation or expansion joints

5.4-Construction joints

5.5-Special considerations

Chapter 6 - Pavements


6.2-Contraction joints

6.3-Isolation or expansion joints

6.4-Construction joints

6.5-Hinge or warping joints

6.6-Parking lots

Chapter 7 - Tunnels, canal linings and pipes


7.2-Concrete tunnel linings

7.3-Concrete canal linings

7.4-Concrete pipe

Chapter 8 - Walls


8.2-Types of joints in concrete walls

8.3-Contraction joints

8.4-Isolation or expansion joints

8.5-Construction joints

Chapter 9 - Liquid-retaining structures


9.2-Contraction joints

9.3-Isolation or expansion joints

9.4-Construction joints

Chapter 10 - Mass concrete


10.2-Contraction joints

10.3-Construction joints

Chapter 11 - References

11.1-Recommended references

11.2-Cited references

Appendix A - Temperatures used for calculation of T


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