ACI PRC-221S-96 Guide for Use of Normal Weight and Heavyweight Aggregates in Concrete - Spanish Language
221RS-96 Guía para uso de agregados, versión en español

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Publisher: IMCYC

This is a licensed translation and has not been reviewed or approved by ACI.


This guide presents information on selection and use of normal weight and heavyweight aggregates in concrete. The selection and use of aggregates in concrete should be based on technical criteria as well as economic considerations and knowledge of types of aggregates generally available in the area of construction. The properties of aggregates and their processing and handling influence the properties of both plastic and hardened concrete. The effectiveness of processing, stockpiling, and aggregate quality control procedures will have an effect on batch-to-batch and day-to-day variation in the properties of concrete. Aggregates that do not comply with the specification requirements may be suitable for use if the properties of the concrete using these aggregates are acceptable. This is discussed under the topic of marginal aggregates (Chapter 6). Materials that can be recycled or produced from waste products are potential sources of concrete aggregates; however, special evaluation may be necessary.

Keywords: aggregate grading; aggregate shape and texture; air entrainment; blast-furnace slag; bleeding (concrete); coarse aggregates; concretes; crushed stone; degradation resistance; density (mass/volume); fine aggregates; mix proportioning; modulus of elasticity; pumped concrete; quality control; recycling; shrinkage; strength; tests; workability.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 221

Publication Year: 2015

Pages: 45

ISBN: 9684141567

Categories: Aggregates

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - - Introduction

Chapter 2 - - Properties of hardened concrete influenced by aggregate properties

2.1 -- Durability

2.2 -- Strength

2.3 -- Shrinkage

2.4 -- Thermal properties

2.5 -- Unit weight

2.6 -- Modulus of elasticity

2.7 -- Surface frictional properties

2.8 -- Economy

Chapter 3 -- Properties of freshly mixed concrete as influenced by aggregate

3.1 -- General

3.2 -- Mixture proportions

3.3 -- Slump and workability

3.4 -- Pumpability

3.5 -- Bleeding

3.6 -- Finishing characteristics of unformed concrete

3.7 -- Air content

3.8 -- Other properties

Chapter 4 -- Effects of processing and handling of aggegates on

properties of freshly mixed and hardened concrete

4.1 -- General

4.2 -- Basic processing

4.3 -- Beneficiation

4.4 -- Control of particle shape

4.5 -- Handling of aggregates

4.6 -- Environmental concerns

Chapter 5 -- Quality assurances

5.1 -- General

5.2 -- Routine visual inspection

5.3 -- Routine control testing

5.4 -- Acceptance testing

5.5 -- Record keeping and reports

Chapter 6 -- Marginal and recycled aggregates

6.1 -- Marginal Aggregates

6.2 -- Use of marginal aggregates

6.3 -- Benefication of marginal aggregates

6.4 -- Economy of marginal aggregates

6.5 -- Recycled aggregates and aggregates from waste products

Chapter 7 -- Heavyweight aggregates

7.1 -- Introduction

7.2 -- Heavyweight aggregate material

7.3 -- Properties and specifications for heavyweight aggregates

7.4 -- Proportioning heavyweight concrete

7.5 -- Aggregates for use in radiation-shielding concrete

7.6 -- Heavyweight aggregate supply, storage and batching

Chapter 8 -- References

8.1 -- Recommended references

8.2 -- Cited references


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