211.3R-02: Guide for Selecting Proportions for No-Slump Concrete (Reapproved 2009)

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**WITHDRAWN DOCUMENT – This document has been discontinued by ACI and is available for informational purposes only.


Intended as a suuplement to "Standard Practice for Selecting Proportions for Normal, Heavyweight and Mass Concrete" (ACI 211.1). The standard describes a procedure for proportioning concretes having slumps in the range of zero to 3 inch and consistencies below this range, for aggregates up to 1 inch maximum size. Suitable equipment for measuring such consistencies is described. Tables similar to those in ACI 211.1 are provided which, along with laboratory tests on physical properties of fine and coarse aggregate, yield information for obtaining concrete proportions for a trial mixture. Examples of the use of these tables are given. An appendix provides complete conversion of all tabular data to metric system units and shows a sample problem worked out with metric values.

Keywords: durability; mixture proportioning; no-slump concrete; rollercompacted

concrete; slump test; water-cementitious materials ratio.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 211

Publication Year: 2002

Pages: 26

ISBN: 9780870310775

Categories: Mixture Proportioning

Formats: PDF

This document is Withdrawn

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 -- Scope and limits

Chapter 2 -- Preliminary considerations

2.1 -- General

2.2 -- Methods for measuring consistency

2.3 -- Mixing water requirement

Chapter 3 -- Selecting Proportions

3.1 -- General

3.2 -- Slump and miximum size of aggregate

3.3 -- Estimating water requirements

3.4 -- Selecting water-cement ratio

3.5 -- Estimate of quantity of coarse aggregate

Chapter 4 -- Computation of proportions

4.1 -- General design criteria

4.2 -- Example of computation of proportions

4.3 -- Batch weights for field use

4.4 -- Adjustment of trial mixture



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