ACI PRC-209-92: Prediction of Creep, Shrinkage, and Temperature Effects in Concrete Structures (Reapproved 2008)

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This report reviews the methods for predicting creep, shrinkage and temperature effects in concrete structures. It presents the designer with a unified and digested approach to the problem of volume changes in concrete. The individual chapters have been written in such a way that they can be used almost independently from the rest of the report. The report is generally consistent with ACI 318 and includes material indicated in the Code, but not specifically defined therein.

Keywords: beams (supports); buckling; camber; composite construction (concrete to concrete); compressive strength; concretes; concrete slabs; cracking (frao turing); creep properties; curing; deflection; flat concrete plates; flexural strength; girders; lightweight-aggregate concretes; modulus of elasticity; moments of inertia;precast concrete; prestressed concrete: prestress loss; reinforced concrete: shoring; shrinkage; strains; stress relaxation; structural design; temperature; thermal expansion; two-way slabs: volume change; warpage.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 209

Publication Year: 2002

Pages: 47

ISBN: 9780870311222

Categories: Creep & Shrinkage

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Chapter 1--General


1.2--Nature of the problem

1.3--Definitions of terms

Chapter 2--Material response


2.2--Strength and elastic properties

2.3--Theory for predicting creep and shrinkage of concrete

2.4--Recommended creep and shrinkage equations for standard conditions

2.5--Correction factors for conditions other than the standard concrete composition

2.6--Correction factors for concrete composition


2.8--Other methods for prediction of creep and shrinkage

2.9--Thermal expansion coefficient of concrete

2.10--Standards cited in this report

Chapter 3--Factors affecting the structural response -- assumptions

and methods of analysis


3.2--Principal facts and assumptions

3.3--Simplified methods of creep analysis

3.4--Effect of cracking in reinforced and prestressed members

3.5--Effective compression steel in flexural members

3.6--Deflections due to warping

3.7--Interdependency between steel relaxation, creep and shrinkage of concrete

Chapter 4--Response of structures in which time -- change of stresses

due to creep, shrinkage and temperature is negligible


4.2--Deflections of reinforced concrete beam and slab

4.3--Deflection of composite precast reinforced beams in shored and unshored constructions

4.4--Loss of prestress and camber in noncomposite prestressed beams

4.5--Loss of prestress and camber of composite pre-cast and prestressed-beams unshored and shored constructions


4.7--Deflection of reinforced concrete flat plates and two-way slabs

4.8--Time-dependent shear deflection of reinforced concrete beams

4.9--Comparison of measured and computed deflections, cambers and prestress losses using procedures in this chapter

Chapter 5--Response of structures with signigicant time change of stress


5.2--Concrete aging and the age-adjusted effective modulus method

5.3--Stress relaxation after a sudden imposed deformation

5.4--Stress relaxation after a slowly-imposed deformation

5.5--Effect of a change in statical system

5.6--Creep buckling deflections of an eccentrically compressed member

5.7--Two cantilevers of unequal age connected at time by a hinge

5.8 loss of compression in slab and deflection of a steel-concrete composite beam

5.9--Other cases


Acknowledgements, pg. 209R-25

References, pg. 209R-25

Notation, pg. 209R-29

Tables, pg. 209R-32


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