Development of Superworkable Concrete for Multi-Functional Port Structures


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Title: Development of Superworkable Concrete for Multi-Functional Port Structures

Author(s): T. Fukute, A. Moriwake, K. Sano, and K. Hamasaki

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 154


Appears on pages(s): 335-356

Keywords: admixtures; air-entrained concretes; drying shrinkage; durability; porosity; reinforcing materials; superplasticizers; viscosity; Materials Research

Date: 5/1/1995

The Japanese economy has been highly developed through foreign trade. Port facilities have been supporting this economic growth; many concrete port structures have been constructed and maintained during the past few decades. Recently, various social and economical demands have required port facilities to be multi-functional. New facilities are being constructed to meet this trend. These changes include new types of breakwaters, revetment, and undersea tunnels which improve aesthetics and reduce cost, labor, and construction time. Fresh concrete used in the construction of these new types of structures is often required to have high flowability and to be self-compactible because of the complicated shape and densely arranged reinforcements of these structures. To meet these demands, the authors have developed super workable concrete using viscous admixture (segregation-reducing admixture) and super plasticizer. In this paper, the mix design and material properties of this supe rworkable concrete and examples of its application to new port concrete structures are presented.