Tests for Classification of Aggregates for Frost-Resistant Concrete


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Title: Tests for Classification of Aggregates for Frost-Resistant Concrete

Author(s): Z. Rusin

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 154


Appears on pages(s): 245-262

Keywords: aggregates; durability; freeze thaw durability; performance; tests; Materials Research

Date: 5/1/1995

Disintegration of many concrete pavements (D-cracking, popouts, etc.) exposed to freezing and thawing is often connected with poor physical quality of aggregates used in the concrete. Inability to differentiate between good and poor quality aggregates is due to the lack of appropriate laboratory techniques for aggregate evaluation. A growing shortage of easily available sources of good quality aggregates highlights the need for aggregate classification. A new rapid laboratory test, called RAO-Method, as well as a new pore size distribution index based on the mercury intrusion porosimetry (MIP) analysis, has been proposed to meet engineers' expectations in the field of aggregate classification. An analysis of some research data of the RAO and MIP tests is presented in this paper to illustrate practical usefulness of the techniques. Results of long-term observations of concrete blocks subjected to outdoor conditions and the results of the new laboratory tests of the aggregates previously used in the blocks were compared. The new tests seem to provide means for more successful evaluation of coarse aggregates for purposes of diagnostics, design, and prediction of service life of concrete.