Deterioration of Concrete in Brine Storage Tanks


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Title: Deterioration of Concrete in Brine Storage Tanks

Author(s): Inge Lyse

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 44

Issue: 10

Appears on pages(s): 141-148

Keywords: none

Date: 10/1/1947

A survey in Norway revealed serious deterioration of concrete storage tanks for low-temperature NaCl and CaClz brine. Laboratory tests indicated deteri-oration was caused by low temperature rather than brine action alone. It is believed that the brine penetrates the concrete, producing a salt solution which varies from relatively high concentration at the surface to low concentration some distance within. Low brine temperature will produce freezing of the water of the concrete except where salt concentra-tion is sufficient to prevent it. At a certain depth from the surface, salt concentration will be just sufficient to give an equilibrium between freezing and no freezing of the water. Here there will be a continual freezing and thawing action as the brine temperature changes a few degrees. Such action causes rapid disintegration. Suggested remedies are thorough drying to remove water near surface of concrete, and a seal coat to prevent brine penetra-tion.