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Title: The Use of Absorptive Wall Boards for Concrete Forms

Author(s): W. R. Johnson

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 37


Appears on pages(s): 621-632

Keywords: none

Date: 4/1/1941

Summary of laboratory tests and field observations at Kentucky Dam on use of highly absorptive wall boards for concrete form linings. The use of absorp-tive wall boards is large scale application of prlncl- ples practiced by John J. Earley in his use of absorp- tive plaster molds for architectural concrete. Absorbent forms eliminate voids and air pockets on concrete surfaces but this is of secondary value when compared to the greatly increased quality of the surface pro- - highly resistant to abrasion, freezing. And thawing, and possessing other desirable qualities of good concrete. Sticking of form liner to concrete surface is the greatest obstacle to overcome.


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