Melamine Resin Admixture Effect on Strength of Mortars


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Title: Melamine Resin Admixture Effect on Strength of Mortars

Author(s): Alois Aignesberger, Niklaus L. Fah, and Theo Rey

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 68

Issue: 8

Appears on pages(s): 608-616

Keywords: Admixtures, analysis of variance, cement pastes, clinker, compressive strength, flexural strength, melamine resins, mortars (material), portland cements, setting (hardening), water content, water reducing agents

Date: 8/1/1971

An analysis of variance was used to evaluate quantitatively the effect of a new type of melamine resin admixture on the setting, water-reduction, and compressive and flexural strengths of mortars made from ground clinker and from portland cement. Significant contributionsnoted to the retarding action of gypsum, action as a powerful water reducing agent, and increases in the compressive strength of clinker (to 150 percent) and portland cement mortar (to 65 percent).