Fibrous Concrete Flexural Testing - Developing Standardized Techniques


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Title: Fibrous Concrete Flexural Testing - Developing Standardized Techniques

Author(s): Ronald F. Zollo

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 77

Issue: 5

Appears on pages(s): 363-368

Keywords: fiber reinforced concretes; flexural tests; moments; performance tests; specimens; statistical analysis.

Date: 9/1/1980

A compilation of the developments regarding standardized testing of fibrous concrete is contained in a report published by ACI Committee 544 in the Proceedings in July 1978. This paper takes a closer look at one of the suggested test procedures, namely the flexural test. Flexural tests were run varying shear span-to-depth ratio, fiber type, and matrix type. The utility of performance measures such as first crack stress, ultimate moment capacity, and toughness index is discussed. A statistical analysis of variance is used to determine the effect of those variables previously mentioned. Results indicate the utility of the most desirable (smallest) standard specimen size, as this affects the first crack strength and ultimate moment. It is concluded that the toughness index, as presently conceived, is not a viable measure of material system performance.