Behavior of Shrinkage-Compensating Concretes Suitable for Use in Bridge Decks


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Title: Behavior of Shrinkage-Compensating Concretes Suitable for Use in Bridge Decks

Author(s): Robert W. Cusick and Clyde E. Kesler

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 64


Appears on pages(s): 293-310

Keywords: bridge decks; bridges (structures) ; cement storage; concrete durability; corrosion; corrosion resistance; cracking (fracturing); expansion; expansive cements; freeze-thaw durability; reinforcing steels; shrinkage-compensating concretes; spalling

Date: 7/1/1980

The object of this research was to determine if the use of shrinkage-compensating concrete in bridge decks minimizes cracking and the subsequent spalling caused by rusting of the steel reinforcing. The simulated bridge deck specimens made with shrinkage-compensating cements did not crack, or had only a few cracks when compared to the specimens made with Type 1 cement. The rate of corrosion of the reinforcing was about the same for both of the found to be about 20 percent greater than that of the Type 1 concrete, but the chloride ion concentration was approximately the same at a given depth. The elimination of cracks by using shrinkage-compensating cement concrete will prevent the rapid corrosion of the reinforcement and subsequent spalling in a bridge that occurs at a crack, and extend the life of the deck before repairs are needed.