Lateral Reinforcement For High-Strength Concrete Columns


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Title: Lateral Reinforcement For High-Strength Concrete Columns

Author(s): Lateral Reinforcement For High-Strength Concrete Columns

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 87


Appears on pages(s): 213-232

Keywords: columns (supports); confined concrete; cyclic loads; deformation; ductility; earthquake resistant structures; high-strength concretes-; lateral pressure; moment-curvature relation-s t r e n g t h ; ship; stress-strain diagrams.

Date: 9/1/1985

The basic philosophy of the current ACI Code for confining concrete in earthquake design is that the increase of the strength of the core of the column due to confinement must offset the loss of strength due to spalling of the unconfined cover. The equatians given in the code are based on the assumption that when a reinforced concrete column is subjected to uniaxial load the maximum capacity of the confined core is reached when the unconfined cover starts spalling. It is not clear whether this assumption is applicable for high strength concrete. The strains at which the cover concrete and confined concrete -will reach their maximum capacities will depend on their respective stress-strain curves. In this paper, based on several sets of experimental data, analytical expressions are proposed for the stress-strain curves of confined and unconfined high-strength concrete. Using these analytical expressions, moment-curvature relationships are predicted. The predicted curves were compared with the experimental data of columns subjected to reversed lateral loading. Rased on the satisfactory comparison for normal strength concrete columns, the theoretical model is then applied to high‘ strength concrete.