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Title: Concrete Quality Control: 28 Days-24 Hours-15 Minutes

Author(s): Paul A. Howdyshell

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 56


Appears on pages(s): 183-200

Keywords: accelerated tests; cement content; chemical tests; compres-sive strength; fresh concretes; quality control; water-cement ratio; water content.

Date: 10/1/1978

This study evaluates the field worthiness and accuracy of a chemical technique (Kelly/Vail) for determining water and cement contents of fresh concrete. The results are compared directly to mixture proportions of cement and water and to cement contents obtained by a nuclear cement content gauge method. The study also evaluates the accuracy of estimating 28 day compressive strengths by both accelera-ted curing technique and the Kelly/Vail technique. The study proved the Kelly/Vail system to be field worthy, rapid (less than 15 min.) and simple enough to be operated by technicians or inspectors. Kelly/ Vail water and cement contents when used in conjunction with an air content test can estimate the strength potential of fresh concrete. The Kelly/Vail strength estimates are not as accurate as the accelera-ted curing estimates of 28 day compressive strengths, but the Kelly Vail tests are sufficiently accurate to be meaningful and they are significantly more timely - 15 min. versus 24 hours than accelerated strength tests.


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