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Title: Test Methods for Impact Resistance of Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Author(s): W. Suaris and S.P. Shah

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 81


Appears on pages(s): 247-266

Keywords: dynamic loads; fiber reinforced concretes; flexural strength; impact strength; impact tests; metal fibers; strains.

Date: 11/1/1984

It is well accepted that fiber-reinforced concrete exhibits superior impact resistance than does plain concrete and numerous tests have been employed to evaluate its impact resistance. These include explosive tests and impact tests using projectiles and drop weights. Some of these tests and their results are described in this paper. Attempts to obtain more basic material parameters, by conducting instrumented impact tests, are described next and problems associated with the interpretation of their results are discussed. Finally a testing method developed by the authors, which appears to yield basic mechanical properties of fiber-reinforced concrete subjected to impact is presented.


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