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Title: Fiber Reinforced Concrete Under Dynamic Loading

Author(s): Antoine E. Naaman

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 81


Appears on pages(s): 169-186

Keywords: bonding; cyclic loads; dynamic loads; evaluation; fatigue (materials); fiber reinforced concretes; glass fibers; impact strength; metal fibers; mortar (material); polypropylene fibers; strains; surface energy.

Date: 11/1/1984

This paper presents an overall evaluation of the observed behavior of fiber reinforced concrete under dynamic loading. The term dynamic loading is used to describe either high strain rate monotonic loading (impact) or cyclic loading under high stress range, high strain rates (simulating earthquake loading). Particular emphasis is placed on the evaluation of the fracture energy (or toughness) and fatigue life of this composite. The research program comprises four related parts dealing re-spectively with: 1) the effect of strain rate on the pull-out behavior of fibers in mortar, 2) the surface energy of fiber reinforced mortar prisms in tension, 3) the energy absorbed by fiber reinforced mortar beams subjected to impact loading and 4) the behavior in compression of fiber reinforced concrete cylinders under high strain rates monotonic and cyclic loadings. While Parts 2 and 3 of the program deal with steel fibers only, Parts 1 and 4 involve also glass, polypropylene and polyester fibers.


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