Development of a Precast Prestressed Concrete Railway Bridge Tie


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Title: Development of a Precast Prestressed Concrete Railway Bridge Tie

Author(s): T. I. Campbell and M. S. Mirza

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 93


Appears on pages(s): 313-328

Keywords: loads (forces); mathematical models; precast concrete; prestressed concrete; railroad bridges; railroad ties; research; static loads; tests

Date: 9/1/1986

A research and development program on prestressed concrete ties for use on open deck railway bridge systems is described. This program involved the design and fabrication of prototype ties, studies of load distribution of a static wheel load among the ties, both by mathematical modelling and laboratory tests on a full-scale bridge system, determination of the strength of individual ties under static and repeated loadings, field testing of bridge systems in service, and a laboratory study of dynamic load distribution in the bridge system. It is shown that three parameters have a significant influence on the distribution of static wheel loads among the ties and that a linear relationship exists between the load taken by a tie and the tie spacing. Laboratory testing for static load distribution showed good correlation with an analyical model, while tests on individual ties indicated adequate strength under static and repeated loadings. Field tests, which are being conducted to determine the loading on individual ties and the behaviour of the ties under railroad traffic, are described and preliminary data are presented.