Study on Wood Chip Concrete with Used Timber


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Title: Study on Wood Chip Concrete with Used Timber

Author(s): Y. Kasai, M. Kawamura and J.D. Zhou

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 179


Appears on pages(s): 905-928

Keywords: density; lightweight aggregate; shrinkage; strength; thermal conductivity; thermal expansion; water cement ratio

Date: 6/1/1998

About 20 million cubic meters used-timbers are discharged every year from demolished buildings, mainly wooden houses in Japan. The authors have carried out a study on recycling used timber as wood-chip concrete. The experiment was carried out as follows. First, the wood-chips were filled into a steel mold to achieve the desired packing ratio with a compressive stress of 0.5-l .OMPa. Then, the fresh cement paste was injected into the mold to make the specimens. The densities of the wood-chip concrete in this case generally fall into the range of 920kg/m3 to 1250kg/m3. To evaluate the performance of the wood-chip concrete, bending strength, compressive strength, drying weight loss and shrinkage, thermal conductivity, and thermal expansion were tested. Furthermore, two types of artificial light-weight aggregate were added to the wood-chips mold and cement paste simultaneously to reduce the densities of the concrete, and the compression of the wood-chips for packing was not needed in the production process. The densities of the wood-chip concrete with the light weight aggregates were about 780kg/m’ to 92Okglm’. After these tests, it became clear that the wood-chip concrete will be suitable for use as a building material, for partition walls, floor joists, floor boards, etc.