Properties and Performance of Green Concrete


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Title: Properties and Performance of Green Concrete

Author(s): K. Yanagibashi and T. Yonezawa

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 179


Appears on pages(s): 141-158

Keywords: concrete; fineness; revetments; slags

Date: 6/1/1998

Green Concrete is a concrete on which plants such as grasses and bushes directly grow up. It is expected to utilize for increasing the amount of the green around buildings and civil structures. It consists of no-fines concrete, water retentive material in the void and thin soil layer sprayed on the surface. The no-fines concrete is made of single sized crushed stone and low alkaline cement paste. Chopped peat moss which retain water and fertilizer is filled in the void. Seeds mixed with the soil germinate, take roots into the void and grow up. In this paper the results on the relation between the strength and the void ratio of concrete, and the effects of cement types on the alkalinity leached from hardened cement are presented. Plants growing performance of the Green Concrete is also presented based on planting tests by using lawns and actual application. The optimum void ratio of concrete was approximately 2530% when the compressive strength was approximately 10-15 N/mm’. In this condition of concrete it is demonstrated that herbaceous plants and some kind of trees sufficiently grow on the Green Concrete.