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Title: Influence of Time-Temperature-Loading on Carbon Epoxy Reinforcement for Concrete Structures

Author(s): E. Ferrier and P. Hamelin

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 188


Appears on pages(s): 491-500

Keywords: carbon epoxy reinforcement; creep; moisture; temperature; tests

Date: 8/1/1999

With their strength and their specific stiffness, composite materials present a significant interest in the conception of bearing structures. The influence of combined effects "time-temperature-loading" on composite reinforcement adhesive layer was studied to identify the long-term mechanical behavior of RC beam reinforced with FRP. A set of tests were conducted on reinforced concrete structures with carbon epoxy composites. The tests consist of applying a tensile shear stress during six months to obtain the long-term creep data and to carry out thermo-stimulated test to assess short-term creep data. The master curves set up with this method predicts with reasonable accuracy the long-term creep test data. The time-temperature superposition method is used to determine several master curves with several levels of shear stress. This method permits an evaluation of the long-term shear stress to apply in the adhesive layer to minimize the creep. The durability of repaired or reinforced structure depends on the adhesive behavior. We have assessed that the identification of the long-term creep can be done with a thermo-stimulated test. This test allows setting up the safety factor for any polymer to guaranty the structure durability.


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