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Title: Structural Design, Analysis, and Full-Scale Testing of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Girders

Author(s): Fatima

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_S22_Fatima.pdf


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Date: 3/28/2022

Ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) is increasingly being incorporated in the bridge industry. The dense matrix and steel fibers provide superior compressive and tensile strengths and durability. As such, UHPC structural members have the potential for higher strength, ductility, and longevity. Several bridge girder designs have been evaluated based on selected target properties to identify the feasibility and benefit of designing and fabricating UHPC precast, pretensioned girders for bridge superstructures in Texas. Nonproprietary UHPC mixes were designed using locally available materials to achieve these target properties, and three Texas I-shape UHPC pretensioned girder specimens (two Tx34 girders 50 ft long and one Tx54 girder 70 ft long) were designed with conventional cast-in-place concrete decks. The corresponding prototype designs have longer maximum spans and use higher levels of prestressing as compared to standard conventional concrete bridge girders of the same shapes. The experimental program includes four-point bending tests in flexure, along with additional testing of the shear behavior at the girder ends. To study the utilization of the superior tensile strength of UHPC for increasing the shear capacity of the girder, transverse steel reinforcement in one half of the span was eliminated while the minimum web reinforcement for shear was provided in the other half span of the girder specimen. Testing of the first Tx34 specimen in flexure and shear has been conducted while testing of the second Tx34 girder is underway. The results of the load testing of both Tx34 girder specimens for service and ultimate demands will be presented.