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Title: Emphasizing Technologies for Low-Carbon Lean-Construction (TLC2) (An Indian Perspective)

Author(s): Ravindra Gettu

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_F21_Gettu.pdf


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Date: 10/20/2021

In most emerging economies of the World, such India, major construction is expected during this decade in both infrastructure and housing sectors. This presents a great opportunity for more efficient, responsible, and sustainable technologies to be implemented. This would require the consolidation and research, if needed, in the areas of waste processing, lean technologies, scaling-up and policy changes for large-scale adoption. Waste processing would go beyond fly ash, waste clay and slag, to consider construction and demolition waste, and non-recyclable plastics. Analytical tools, life estimation and demonstration of techniques such as 3D-printing need to be applied for lean philosophies to be applied at the site. Scaling-up would require test beds, simulation, visualization, and adoption management. Policy notes, road maps and influencing stakeholders will be needed for large-scale changes. Though the challenges may appear daunting, international collaboration and strengthening of local centres of excellence could provide the relevant solutions. IIT Madras has initiated a project along these lines with the participation of about 20 of its faculty members, 30 research scholars, and several collaborators from around the globe (https://civil.iitm.ac.in/pcoe/tlc/). The talk would present recent results, goals, and the potential collaboration with entities such as ACI and RILEM in this initiative.