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Title: Dual‑Horizon Peridynamics Analysis of Debonding Failure in FRP‑to‑Concrete Bonded Joints

Author(s): Wanjin Li and Li Guo

Publication: IJCSM

Volume: 13


Appears on pages(s):

Keywords: dual-horizon peridynamics, debonding simulation, FRP, concrete

DOI: 10.1186/s40069-018-0328-6

Date: 5/31/2019

A dual-horizon peridynamics (DH-PD) model is proposed for the simulation of debonding process in fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP)-to-concrete bonded joints. In the novel procedure of implementing DH-PD in the framework of finite element method (FEM), truss elements are employed to represent the bonds and dual-bonds. The quadtree approach is utilized to generate the multi-scale discretization and a volume correction scheme based on the background grid is proposed for the non-uniform grid. A benchmark numerical example is performed to test the accuracy and efficiency of the developed model in analysis of the bond behavior. The predicted results are consistent with the experimental findings, the FEM results and the analytical solutions. Additionally, these results demonstrate that the bond strength and the debonding ductility are visibly affected by concrete strength and the thickness of FRP plate, while the adhesive thickness has no significant impact on the debonding behavior.