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Title: Rapid Repair of Hollow-Core FRP-Concrete-Steel Columns

Author(s): Mohamed A. ElGawady

Publication: Web Session



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Date: 3/26/2018

This paper presents a rapid repair technique for a hollow-core fiber reinforced polymer (FRP)-concrete-steel column (HC-FCS). This HC-FCS column consists of a concrete cylinder sandwiched between an outer FRP tube and an inner steel tube. The system has several advantages over conventional concrete construction. Both steel and FRP tubes act as stay-in-place formwork. Furthermore, the steel tube represents the longitudinal and transverse reinforcement while the FRP tube acts as confinement reinforcement for the concrete cylinder. The system is less susceptible to corrosion as the FRP tube and concrete cylinder protects the steel tube. A HC-FCS column was subjected to cyclic lateral load before and after rapid repair. The virgin column failed due to GFRP tube rupture at drift of 6%. The tested column was rapidly repaired and retested under the same loading regime. The rapid repair consisted of wrapping the potential plastic hinge region of the column using three layers of glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP). To achieve the rapid repair, however, the GFRP was cured using heat treatment for four hours. Once the GFRP cured, high strength grout was injected into the column and the column was retested. The repaired column achieved 95% of the virgin column’s flexural strength and 61% of the virgin column’s stiffness. The repaired column achieved high lateral drift of 13.2% before the failure.