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Title: High-Performance Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete for Lining Construction of Mines Using Ground Freezing Method

Author(s): Qian Wang, Shaowei Yang, Lei Guo, and Chunzhen Li

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 330


Appears on pages(s): 67-76

Keywords: high-performance concrete; steel fiber-reinforced concrete; ground freezing method; durability; mine shaft liners

DOI: 10.14359/51711241

Date: 9/26/2018


A study was made on high-strength and high-performance steel fiber-reinforced concrete for use in liners of shafts constructed using ground freezing method. Test results are listed as follows: (1) Compressive strength at 1 day is 53.8 MPa to 56.7 MPa (7.8 ksi to 8.2 ksi), while the compressive strength at 28 days is 104.1 MPa to 120.4 MPa (15.1 ksi to 17.5 ksi); (2) the diffusion coefficient of chloride ion at 28 days is less than 5×10-14 m2/s (5.4×10-13 ft2/s), and specimens were resistant to over 1000 cycles of freezing and thawing; (3) the total plastic shrinkage cracking area per unit area is less than 50 mm2/m2 (7.2×10-3 in2/ft2). The lab trials and site experimental study shows that the CF90 and CF100 concretes could fully meet the mine shaft lining construction requirements using the ground freezing method in thick alluvium.