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Title: Latest bridges constructed by Ferrovial with cantilevering precast segment

Author(s): Pérez-Fadón Martínez, S.; Herrero Beneitez, J.E.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 42

Issue: 179

Appears on pages(s): 129 - 133



Date: 1/3/1991

In the present report to the XII National Assembly of the A.T.E.P. held in Alicante, the latest bridges which has been built by Ferrovial applying the technique of free cantilevering with precast segment, are reviewed. The series started with the Horta and Cruzul Viaducts, which were object of another report at the earlier XII Assembly of the A.T.E.P. (Granada) and has now been followed with the bridge over the Arevalillo River, bridge over the Ebro river and bridge over the Guadiana river. In the bridge over the Arevalillo river, noeprene rings were introduced for waterproofing the joints of the pre-stressing sheaths. In the bridge over the Ebro, in Benifallet, span was increased to almost 100 m and a variable deep was introduced in the deck. In the bridge over the Guadiana, vertical pre-stressing, prefabricated segments of the abutments and supports on temporary piers during construction was used. By way of conclusion, the process has been guaranteed within this company's building techniques, because it permits better execution terms to be offered at competitive costs, even with traditionally economic solutions such as precast prestressing beams bridges, when considering long bridges and spans of more than 35 to 45 metres.

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